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Top 5 Effective Ways To Increase Views On Your YouTube Videos

Top 5 Effective Ways To Increase Views On Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is a very big platform which had provided many people with career opportunities. But since it is such a vast platform, growing as a creator is a very difficult job. There are many who even after a lot of efforts fail in getting views and subscribers. But here are a few methods which can help you buy youtube views.

1. Plan Your Video

There are many different types of videos that you can create on YouTube, but before you start filming, it’s a good idea to plan out what you want your video to look like. This will help you decide what type of video to make and how much time and effort to spend on it.

Some people might think that planning is unnecessary and a waste of time, but the truth is that it can save a lot of time in the long run.

There are many different ways that you can plan your YouTube video. You could use an online tool like Maekersuite or spreadsheet, or just start writing down ideas in an informal way. The important thing is to set yourself some goals for your video before filming begins so that you don’t waste any time in the editing process later on.

2. Use Best Content

On a big platform like YouTube, your content is what matters the most. The views, likes, comments and shares of your videos depend upon what videos you make. 

So the first trick to increase the number of views is to choose the best content. You should choose those topics which are either trending or are liked by the audience. But first of all, look into what your channel is based upon. You will be specialising in one single genre FIR sure like gaming or lifestyle or comedy or physical training etc. So you should select those topics which are trending in the sector you work in. It will be illogical of you have a gaming channel and make videos on topics trending in the technical section, is not it? 

So always research well before you choose a topic. And make the best video you can. It is because there are high chances that the topic you will be choosing will be already having thousands of more videos. So try to make your video the best. 

3. Maintain Your Timing 

This is the first factor out of four which makes your YouTube channel successful. And your timing of videos will decide how many views you will be getting. 

So talking about timing, your videos should be made within a time range that is preferred by most of the viewers. And that is the strategy called the 10 minutes strategy. Because most of the audience do not pay attention to videos which are longer, your videos should be made within 10 minutes time frame. But when you choose a good topic and realise that it wouldn’t be completed in 10 minutes time, do not hesitate to make the video longer. Youtube SEO is the most important thing to keep in mind if you want to increase your views. Have a look a this Youtube SEO guide on theverifiedlist.com.

It is because your video should be capable enough to make viewers stay till the last and if you make a video which does not have complete information about a topic, it will be useless!

 Top 5 Effective Ways To Increase Views On Your YouTube Videos

4. Create Attractive Thumbnails And Titles

The only truth is that about 85% of the audience on YouTube visit a video if they find the thumbnail attractive and out of them about 47% focus on the title of the video. 

In simpler terms, thumbnail and title are the other two out of four factors which make your videos counted. First let us talk about title. The title of your video should be appealing. Your title should be able to create excitement and interest among viewers and should also maintain the suspense. Your title should give the basic idea about your video while maintaining the suspense. So, it will be wise if you choose a good title and use some keywords in it. Keywords will help viewers find your video when they search for it. 

And the next thing is your thumbnail. In fact, the thumbnail is perhaps the most important thing which will make the audience see your video. A thumbnail is the picture form of what your video is all about. So it is better if you research well before making a thumbnail or the best idea would be to hire a professional editor to design your thumbnails. 

However, if you’re just starting out on YouTube and don’t have a big budget to hire a professional graphic designer, not to worry, there are many design tools online that can help you. One online thumbnail maker that worth a try is Fotor. It offers drag and drop design features and a library of beautifully designed YouTube thumbnail templates. In just a few clicks, you‘ll have a YouTube thumbnail that looks both appealing and eye-catching.

5. Promoting Is Well Needed

This is where your growth on the other social media platforms matter. Your social media handles like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will play an important role in bringing people to your videos. 

Your social media accounts provide one of the biggest platforms where you can promote your YouTube channel and gain both views and subscribers. But for best results, it is important that you have a big number of instgram followers as well. Once you attain the goal of getting followers, you can promote your videos to gain views.

And you can take help of other creators as well. You can plan a collaboration with some other creator bigger than you and both of you can prepare a good project. This will help you attract more audience and a shout out from the creator can help you gain subs and views. 

We also suggest using a Teleprompter for video subtitles and this way your video will look more professional.

Top 5 Effective Ways To Increase Views On Your YouTube Videos

6. Follow SEO of Buy Views

These are two different options but both of them are equally effective and fruitful. You can follow the YouTube SEO guidelines or can buy views and subscribers. 

Coming to the first part, YouTube has its own SEO guidelines which help creators in growing up. You just need to follow those guidelines and you will see a growth in your views. YouTube SEO optimizes your videos and ranks them among the best ones so that when people search for the specific topic, your video will be amongst the recommended ones.

And if you are not interested in all of these methods, you can choose the easiest one available. There are various websites which sell legit and genuine youtube views for a definite amount of money. So if you can invest some amount, you can buy subscribers. The best part is that you will be getting real people who will increase your views on every video of yours. 

These were a few effective method to increase views on your YouTube videos. Adios!