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Top 5 Sofa Styles to Spruce up Your Home Interiors This Year

Top 5 Sofa Styles to Spruce up Your Home Interiors This Year

Home interior trends change and evolve with each year. New trends enter the market and tempt you to renovate your big ole living room’s interiors. If you have decided to change and spruce up your interior décor this year, don’t hesitate to start by selecting the best sofa. Of all the furniture in the living room, the sofa is a key piece of furniture that ties everything together.

The living room is also the busiest part of your home, facing a lot of footfall throughout the day. It’s also the first room visitors will see, making it an important one for decoration and furniture. You’ll need to make it comfortable and inviting while adding your flair to it. 

Most reputed home interior shops offer designer and comfy sofas with various seating, fabric, and overall finish options. Before you start hunting for the perfect sofa, get a good idea about the current trends. Here, they are:

Corner Sofas 

Corner sofas with four or five-seater options can add a lot of functionality and volume to your living room’s décor.  These sofas are usually apt for big families due to the more space they pack in their size. But, even if you have a small family, you can choose this to create a comfortable seating nook in your home. Though, you need a larger living room for a corner sofa.  

The style adds depth to any space due to its size and shape. It is one of the best pieces of modern home furniture, giving your living room a great look. Add a throw rug or colourful cushions, and you’ve got a cosy corner for your home.

With a spread-out seating arrangement, it’s a great place to have a conversation with family and friends.

Tuxedo Couches

Even if you’re not familiar with the name and style, you can tell tuxedo sofas apart by their unique design. These are the couches with a sleek, straight high back and armrests at the same height. The entire sofa structure resembles a rectangle shape, and they work well in smaller spaces. With minimalist designs and a thin framework, the tuxedo sofa adds the perfect touch of seriousness and casual. 

If you are looking to remodel your small condo with elegant furniture, these sofas are a perfect choice. You can find a vivid selection of colours and fabrics to suit every style.

 Top 5 Sofa Styles to Spruce up Your Home Interiors This Year


You’ll definitely fall in love with this two-seater. The compact and adjustable design makes it easy to move around the room when your mood strikes to redecorate or rearrange your living room furniture. Loveseats come in unique designs to elevate the look of any room.

If you feel a loveseat alone won’t be enough to seat your guests, don’t worry. You can comfortably pair them up with some single-seater accent chairs or pouffes for added seating and high aesthetic value. Create a cosy corner in your living room for small naps, reading magazines, or lazing around the day with this cute piece of furniture.

Recliner Sofas

If you need an extra layer of comfort in your living room, choose a recliner sofa with a built-in manual mechanism. You can find these sofas with soft upholstery made from taupe or leather fabrics. The sofas are available in several combinations. 

Choose one with reclining actions and an adjustable headrest for better comfort. You can also find reclining sofas with power-operated features allowing ease of access. Primarily, the sofas are designed with a wall-hugger function to adjust the backrest even when it is flush against your living room’s wall. Choose the right size and shape depending on the available space in the room. 

For extra functionality, you may buy reclining sofas with additional storage space. They have a small console with drink holders to keep your hands free when lying down on the sofa. 

L-Shaped Sofas

Similar to corner sofas, L-shaped sofas are also very popular. The only difference is L-shaped sofas are typically four-seaters, while corner sofas can have 5+ seats. It’s a classic large sofa loved by many for its contemporary design and extra comfort. 

These sofas come with small storage space, and some sections can also be moved around as per convenience, making them a family-friendly piece of furniture.

The upholstery options for L-shaped sofas can range from leather to fabric or velvet, but you can check with home interior shops for customisation.

Apart from these, you can choose the timeless style of Chesterfield sofas for your living room in 2021. With its shallow seating and a higher back, this sofa style creates a unique style vibe in the room. Choose a chesterfield with deep buttoned detail and fluffy cushions for luxurious comfort in your living room.