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Top Laminate Flooring Brands in the U.S.

Top Laminate Flooring Brands in the U.S.

As a superb material that costs around half of what hardwood flooring costs, laminate is definitely a must-have for those on a budget who still want a great-looking floor.

And because laminate flooring is the most varied of all the alternatives in terms of quality and cost, it might help if there’s a short breakdown of the best brands here. In the U.S. alone, there’s a lot to choose from.

Here are the top three laminate flooring brands in the U.S.


It would be a sin not to mention Pergo as they practically invented laminate flooring. As the pioneers of this hardwood alternative, it’s no doubt that they have the longest and most evolved history of all the brands on the market.

They offer the original thing and a bunch of other artistic designs that they’ve innovated over the years. From thepractical to the aesthetic, from thecleanand polished tothe cooler andmore distressed, they’ve got it all.

The biggest downside would be the cost. There’s no question that Pergo is the most expensive brand on this list. However, you will for sure get their expertise and the quality laminate.

Pergo prides itself in not cheapening its products, unlike other competitors who did so to survive in the market. In fact, they even offer matching trim and molding for the perfect, final look.

Quality-wise, there’s just no wrong in going with Pergo.


Another leading brand in laminate flooring is Mohawk. Their products are quite tough and durable, and come in a wide range of patterns, rivalingthat of Pergo’s.

Any design that you get will stay that way for years with the right maintenance,thanks to the toughness and design quality.

Their edge over everyone else, however, is that they’re an ethical choice. Theirlaminate flooring is made of at least 50% of recycled material.

But because of this, Mohawk flooring can be quite expensive. For those on a budget, the costing could make heads spin, but those who can afford it will be assured of elegant, durable, and ethical flooring.

 Top Laminate Flooring Brands in the U.S.


Closing off the top three laminate flooring brands are none other than Armstrong. This is up here for good reason, and it’s because it’s the brand many professionals in the industry go to at the end of the day.

After all, cost is important, and Armstrong is the cheapest of the top three high-end laminate options on the market.

Yes, you heard it right—this is the most affordable high-quality laminate flooring that people can get their hands on. Sure, it’s still fairly pricey, but not without reason.

It offers a wide variety of patterns, colors, and designs, from the antique to the exotic. Your aesthetic needs will be met at good cost.

Armstrong also has a patented locking system that makes it easier to install than most other laminate flooring options. Like Pergo, they offer matching trim, molding, and other finishing pieces to achieve a perfect overall look.

For all these reasons (and much more), Armstrong is our most recommended brand of the three, although it’s best if you weigh the pros and cons with your specific needs before jumping into a decision.

Final Words

It’s a given that hardwood flooring is the most elegant and popular of all flooring types out there, but its cost and maintenance cons might not be worth it. Several alternatives out there look just like the real thing, but are more affordable and easier to maintain.

Whether it’s wood tiles, vinyl planks, engineered wood, or laminate wood, it’s safe to say that there’s one cost-effective option on the market that will suit your needs perfectly.

Of these four, it’s laminate wood flooring that is most varied in cost and quality, making it the most popular of alternatives. It has a market ofits own, and offers a range of quality brands, the top three being Pergo, Mohawk, and Armstrong, each of which can each be weighed in terms of board thickness, installation ease, cost, and design options.

It may be a headache to keep all of this in mind all for the perfect type of floor. But for sure, it will help in choosing the product that will make the best use of your money and, in the long run, be the right fit for your home.