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Top Reasons Why Murphy Beds Are Quintessential

Top Reasons Why Murphy Beds Are Quintessential

Because owning real estate is getting more expensive, small homes constructed on small plots have now become a familiar sight, even in suburban areas. In the city, the spaces are at an even higher premium. Any strategy that helps make the most out of small areas extremely important to the comfort of the owner.

Because of space issues, Murphy beds are now making a noise in the furniture department again. The Murphy bed design originated in San Francisco in 1900. William L. Murphy, the inventor, was a young gentleman living on his own and sleeping in a single-room apartment. Murphy wanted to entertain his lover inside his room, and because “smart” young ladies should not enter a lad’s bedroom during those days, he came up with a way to conceal his bed while he was having a bit of fun. He devised a way of transforming the fully-made bed into a closet seamlessly and instantly to be securely kept out of sight but taken out again when necessary.

In 1900, Mr. Murphy patented his invention. He started manufacturing more of his invented beds when others learned of Murphy beds and would want to take advantage of its space-saving feature. After the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, Murphy beds became even more famous. Almost all of the area had incurred substantial damage, and thus the limited living space was used to the fullest.

Murphy beds became very popular throughout the state as more people decided to move into cities, and getting an apartment became a common trend. Murphy relocated his booming business to New York in the early 1920s, where it still continues up to this day. Several of the original Murphy beds are still being used today. They can be seen almost everywhere – in homes, hotels, fire stations, hospitals, offices, or any building where the optimum use of space is essential.

Benefits of Owning Murphy Beds

There are several upsides that you will gain in getting a Murphy bed. Continue reading to find out.  

1. It provides you with that much needed additional space in a bedroom

Murphy bed is one of the most common types of wall beds on the market. It can conveniently be folded into a wall or a cabinet primarily intended for this function.  This will provide more space in a bedroom or guest bedroom. You can simply pull the bed down during the night and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. During the daytime, you just simply fold the bed on the wall and use the freed area to play with your children or pets, for instance.

2. Available in different sizes

Murphy beds are available in various sizes and also have different folding systems. For example, you can choose to install a single, double, queen, or king-size Murphy bed in your bedroom. This furniture can be customized based on your preference and can be purchased as an individual item or installed with a cabinet. You can also put accent lights on your Murphy bed for a bit of color to your room at night. 

 Top Reasons Why Murphy Beds Are Quintessential

3. Murphy beds are comfortable as with standard beds

Some people assume that since it is a bed that folds up against the wall, it is not made for comfort. This is entirely untrue. Murphy beds are built with comfortable mattresses that allow users to experience a good night’s sleep. The fact that it is a wall bed does not mean that it is less comfortable than other kinds of beds.

4. Murphy beds give more value to the house

You would be pleased to know that Murphy beds add value to your house and safeguards your investment cost. If you plan to move, you can take your Murphy bed with you and easily install it at your new place. If you plan to leave it behind, the cost of your bed can be taken into account in the overall reselling price of your home.

5. You can operate a Murphy bed quickly and efficiently

 Murphy beds include a counter-balancing feature that helps you to operate it with even a single hand. This is one of the reasons why it has gained popularity because people of all ages can easily fold or pull it down.

6. It can minimize the clutter in your bedroom

Minimizing stress levels in your home is an important objective, and this can be accomplished through some unexpected means. If you are the type of person who likes to purchase a bunch of things that piles up in the house, you may be causing a stressful atmosphere without realizing it. A disorderly home will make you feel uncomfortable and disorganized in a particular area where it should be relaxing, causing troubles to maintain a positive outlook. If your bed is tucked in a wall each day, you are much less likely to start putting stuff under it. Murphy beds can remove hiding places for unnecessary things, and as a result, it can help you to avoid hoarding things that you do not need. This will allow you to have more extra cash, and it can also help to ensure that you do not end up getting stressed over by an unorganized room.

7. It can also offer versatile seating

Although most Murphy beds can be completely folded into the wall, others can provide more versatility. Some Murphy beds also will give you an option to include additional sofa seats. The difference between Murphy beds and a standard couch or pull out is that the former would not get your mattress bent out. Thus, the mattress will remain as it is laid out flat – no bents; hence, providing a balance of comfort to the user. 

As you now know, you will not go wrong if you choose to install Murphy beds in your home because it has been thoroughly thought of and designed to provide the user full comfort and easiness of use. Get your own Murphy bed today, and you will definitely get that much needed extra space and less clutter in your bedroom.