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Top Updates to Improve Your Home’s Exterior Design

Top Updates to Improve Your Home’s Exterior Design

Your home’s exterior is its first impression. Updating that exterior is a wonderful way to have that Ahh feeling when you come home after a long day, and it is one of the best methods you have to boost your home’s value and increase its salability. Be proud of where you live, improve your neighborhood, and get more value out of your home with these top updates: 

1. Check the Qualify of Your Exterior

Before you can repaint the trimmings, you need to have a look at the foundation. Go through and check your exterior for any cracks or signs of serious wear and tear. You will also want to consider the age of your property. 


A roof, on average, should be reroofed by experienced roofing contractors every 15 to 50 years, depending on the type of beating it takes throughout the year. If your roof sees snow buildup or is in a humid area, you will want to have someone come in to inspect it closer to the 15-year mark than later. Otherwise, you could run the risk of water damage, a caving or sinking roof, and a whole other host of problems. 

Inspecting your roof for any abnormalities, like lost shingles, sagging areas, light gaps, water damage, and so on, should be done ideally from the inside (your attic) and the outside. A poor installation will cut the lifespan of your roof considerably, even if it was just done a few years ago. 

The good news is that by spotting any issues now, you can improve the health and aesthetic of your home. Go for a beautiful, bold new look for your roof, and you can instantly change its overall vibe. 


Windows are another area that should be replaced or repaired. Double glazing works wonders, but the gas (non-toxic and perfectly safe) does slowly leak out over time. This makes your windows less effective at keeping the cold out and can allow water buildup that leads to damp and mold inside your home.

If you use wooden planter boxes on your windows, inspect them for signs of rotting every spring. If they need replacement, consider a one-time investment in window boxes made with PVC. These window boxes will not rot over time and will not warp or twist every season because they don’t absorb water.


Cracks can either be cosmetic, or they can pose serious problems. If they are anywhere near your foundation or on a supporting wall (as opposed to, say, window trimming), then it is a good idea to have someone come in and inspect them. 

2. Use Software to Determine Your New Color Scheme 

It can be hard to visualize how design changes are going to impact your home, but there are so many software tools out there that can take the guesswork out of the process. These are even free to use or available online. 

You do not need the house exterior in the program to look precisely like yours, either. You just need a good enough approximation that you can see in 3D what your home could look like with your top color combination options. 

 Top Updates to Improve Your Home’s Exterior Design

3. Update the Fixtures 

It is worthwhile to scour design stores, second-hand markets, and online for fixtures like the door handle, the mailbox, the lights, and even garage doors to find a great set of fixtures that look beautiful and add character to your home. This character is what people are missing, especially in a new home, so add that character and boost your home’s curb appeal. 

4. Treat Yourself to a New Door 

A new front door and, if you have one, a garage door can go so far in terms of improving the aesthetic of your home. It can make your property look modern or traditional. It can make it look more like a Victorian home or like a sunny Californian estate. Easy! 

5. Landscape 

You deserve more than just a flat area of grass, and so too does your home. So long as no HOA rules are restricting you from making any meaningful changes, you can go all out. Make it beautiful and remember that you do not need grass to do that. 

At the very least, consider adding some plants that improve the privacy of your home are going to make you feel so much more comfortable and at ease in your home. 

6. Decorate 

Add decorative elements like an outdoor bench, flower boxes, and so on so that you can customize and beautify your exterior. The decorative elements you choose can be fixed to your property as well, so you do not need to worry about opportunistic thieves. A bench, for example, can be screwed into the ground. On the other hand, if you hire a siding contractor who will help you transform the exterior look of your house, nothing of the sort will happen.

Your home should be beautiful from the inside and out. Your efforts will improve your satisfaction with your home, its value, and could even convince a few neighbors to follow suit. Not to mention, a refreshed exterior with a tasteful color scheme can drastically increase the curb appeal of your home. So, don’t hesitate to invest in your home’s exterior and create a living space you can be proud of.