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Tracking Down the Best Presents for 13-Year-Old Boys

Tracking Down the Best Presents for 13-Year-Old Boys

Julia M Cameron from Pexels

Buying presents for children who are not your own can be tricky. It is hard to narrow down the options and choose something that you know will appeal.

Oddly, the older the child gets the tricker it becomes. A child’s life is always in a state of flux. As they grow, learn, and explore their likes and dislikes change and do so rapidly. So, tracking down great presents for 13-year-old boys can be time-consuming. A bit daunting even. But, with the right approach, it is far easier than you think. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you.

Don’t dismiss the idea of buying them a toy

By the time a child reaches their teenage years, their interest in playing with toys is starting to wane a little. They are more interested in other things. But most will still find certain types of toys enjoyable. Toys that enable them to learn, explore and make things are likely to still appeal. For example, Meccano, a build a robot kit or electronics kit like Arcade Electronics.

Exciting, fast-paced toys may also be a good option for some. A proper racing remote control car or helicopter, for example.  For a different kind of collectible fun, explore the options to buy penguin figurines online.

Focus on their interests and hobbies

Any gift that helps them to indulge a passion, interest, or hobby is sure to be well received. By the time a boy reaches thirteen their interests and hobbies will be quite broad, providing you with plenty of possibilities.

Tracking Down the Best Presents for 13-Year-Old Boys


Any game or toy that is diverting and fun is going to be a good gift. The more likely it is to make them, and their friends laugh the happier they will be. Things like a miniature voice changer or a prank kit would fall into this category. Or games like Pencil Nose where the challenge is to draw things on a Perspex screen that you hold in front of you using a special pencil that is attached to your nose.


Most of us forget just how interested teenage boys are in fashion. Studies show that teenagers spend around 21% of the money they receive, or earn, on clothes. Fitting in and looking their best is a huge concern for teenage boys as well as girls. So, thirteen-year-old boys want to wear the latest trainers, jackets, hats, and tops

Surprisingly, after clothing, food is what most teenage boys spend their money on. So, vouchers for their favorite takeaway, coffee shop, or supermarket are sure to make a good gift. A giant Toblerone, a popcorn maker, or a slushie machine are other examples of food-related gifts a 13-year-old boy is likely to enjoy. 

Practical gift ideas for teenagers

Practical gifts are another option. For example, a blow-up sofa that they could inflate to make room for extra mates when they come round. If you notice that their bike always has a puncture, make a puncture repair kit one of the little extras you buy them.

The above are our top ideas. If you want more click here. When you do you will find out more about what teenage boys are spending their cash on, which gives you a better understanding of what they like.