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Trending Roof Design Ideas to Enhance Your Home

Translucent Sloping Roof

A well-constructed home requires a solid roof design to enhance both durability and aesthetics, agreed? Think about a house that doesn’t have a proper roof to provide accurate functionality, would you be able to bear that in your house in which you have invested half of your fortune? No right? Keeping this in mind, it is essential for you to carefully choose the right type of roof for the home since there are various colours, styles, shapes and materials in which it can be designed.

If you’ve bought a home for sale in Gulf Breeze and are looking to improve the exterior including the roof, the following article will guide you through the different types of roofs that you can choose for your house. Keep reading!

Functions of a home roof

A roof is the extremely essential part of the home that protects you from snow, rain, wind and sun. Besides, a well-designed roof concludes the look and adds a personality to the house.

When it comes to the functionality of the roof, it makes the house energy-efficient, weatherproof and durable—plus it also adds extra living space.

Now, when we talk about the right design of a roof, it is highly influenced by the theme, shape of the house followed by the materials used, and the type of area including climatic conditions.

The right type of material for roof designs

The roof design decrees the supplies to be used to develop the roof. It can be developed with the supplies such as wood glass PVC, terracotta, bamboo, stone-coated steel, rubber slate, ceramic, slate, metal roofing, solar tiles, concrete & clay tiles, asphalt shingles etc.

In order to evade roof damage, select weather-impervious supplies—for example, a place like Gulf Breeze, Florida that experience constant change in weather like humidity, rain and hot waves should have a roof developed from material that endures all these conditions such as slay & concrete, metal and clay tiles.

For colder regions, supplies such as asphalt shingles, metal and slate are perfect as they are developed to ruse heat. If your house has a steeper roof, considering wooden, clay and slate would be the best option, whereas a house with low-slope can have asphalt shingles and metal panels roof supplies.

 Metallic Gable Roof

1. Gable Roof Design

The gable is one of the most popular roof designs which is also known as the “Pitched Roof”. As the name itself explains, it is a type of roof that has 2 sloping sides with a crowning at the top of the centre. A gabled roof is a one-of-a-kind choice since it averts water from sodden roof cabins.

Besides, it is economical as compared to the other types of roofs such as flat or gambrel roof designs. A Gable roof can be twisted with the help of location, shapes, and colours. If you’re looking for something elegant, modern, functional and related to your home’s décor, then gable is the best option for you.

2. Sloping home roof design

Sloping roofs are steady and operative against heavy snowfall and rain. The design of this roof helps water and snowfall to flow down by eliminating the risk of waterlogging and water accumulation.

Usually, this type of roof is developed for the regions where you can accumulate the rainwater to harvest without damaging the structure. The sloping home roof design can be overstated with ornate elements such as cornices and also can be developed with carved or fluted bottom edges. You can also convert a sloped roof into storage or additional living space.

3. Flat roof design

Also known as a terrace roof, a flat roof can easily be installed with a small slant to channel water. This type of roof can easily be bowed into garden patios, solar panelled and green roofs. Spheral Solar is one of the innovative ways to utilize a flat roof. In urban homes, flat roof designs offer required open space to add décor to your style. It also offers stunning influence with pergola designs, lights, glass and plants. If you live in an area that often receives heavy rainfall then it would be best for you not to choose this option.

4. Mansard roof design

If you love authentic things then this roof design is the best for you—a French style that has four sides with a dual gradient on each side. This is one of the most used roof designs all over the world. Mansard roof’s top is often flat; however, it can have a narrow pitch with a steep lower slope followed by numerous dormer windows. This type of roof offers additional space to the house.

  1. A roof design with eco-friendly and aesthetic features.
  2. Smart roof designs—one of the most trending options with mechanised louvred roofing arrangement that allows ventilation and natural sunlight—while shielding the home from rain.
  3. Metal roofing is also in trend as it has a low thermal mass that reflects heat instead of capturing it, making the space cooler.
  4. If you want to go with something timeless, then terracotta is your thing.
  5. People who are into sustainability can choose recyclable supplies such as clay and wood for the roof.
  6. Skylight roof designs are quite popular as it adds natural light to the house and reduces the thermal load.
  7. Cool roof supplies such as sheet coverings, shingles, tiles and solar reflective paints are also in trend as they use less energy for air conditioning by transferring less heat to the space.
  8. Houses with exclusive architectural designs have always been in the trend and still have a long way to go—they’re here forever.

How to select the right home roof design?

Step1: Always go for a design expert to choose the roof type.

Step2: The design must match the home’s exterior and merge with the architectural aura.

Step3: As the roof of the house protects it from the external environment, the material should be selected as per the climatic conditions such as heatwaves, rain, snowfall etc.

Step4: Understand the pros and cons of the roof design that you’re about to choose.

Step5: Don’t forget about your budget.

Step 6: Hire an Expert.