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Estudio Herreros’ Trosten: Oslo’s Innovative Accessible Sauna

Trosten Sauna, Oslo, NO / Estudio Herreros

The Oslo Sauna Association and Estudio Herreros have revealed Trosten, a floating sauna located near the Munch Museum in Oslo. This Spanish architecture studio, known for their work on the museum, envisioned Trosten as a sauna that caters to everyone, including those with mobility impairments. Positioned by the water, the sauna acts as a bridge between the city and the fjord, encouraging outdoor activities throughout the year and contributing to a healthier and more sustainable urban environment. The architects took an environmentally conscious approach by using recycled aluminum originally intended for trucks to clad the structure, creating a visual connection to the iconic museum nearby.

Trosten Sauna, Oslo, NO / Estudio Herreros

The idea for Trosten came about during a conversation between representatives from the Oslo Sauna Association and the architects from Estudio Herreros at the unveiling of The Mother sculpture in May 2022. Recognizing their shared passion for saunas, they collaborated to bring Trosten to life. Finally unveiled to the public in May 2024, Trosten is Oslo’s first floating sauna designed with universal accessibility in mind. It incorporates various user-friendly features, such as space for two wheelchairs and a custom ventilation system that ensures consistent warmth at all levels.

The exterior of the building is crafted using repurposed aluminum panels created by Hydro, a Norwegian company, which ensures a minimal carbon footprint. Inside, the design incorporates eco-friendly elements such as wood and recycled terrazzo tiles, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. In addition to its practicality, Trosten is designed to be a welcoming gathering place in the city, with a sauna that can accommodate up to 24 people.

Trosten Sauna, Oslo, NO / Estudio Herreros

The external amphitheater can host 50 visitors at a time, providing a communal space where everyone can come together and appreciate the stunning views of the pier and city. Architect Juan Herreros expresses his delight in this project, stating, “As architects, we often focus on problem-solving. However, with Trosten, we have created something that brings pure joy. People will come here to embrace life and have a great time.”

Image courtesy of Einar Aslasken