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Turn Your Home into a Peaceful Retreat With These 4 Tips

Our houses are where we make most of our memories. Home is where we share meals, sing songs, play games, and form who we are as people. When your home doesn’t feel like it’s a personal haven, it may be time to make some changes. Freshening up tired space brings new life to the atmosphere and encourages memory-making and well-being.

Your house is the structure of your sanctuary and looking after it helps to create a peaceful home environment where you can relax, unwind, and let go of day-to-day stresses. Keep reading for tips to turn your home into a peaceful retreat.


Nothing can make you feel more imposed upon than a house in disarray. Sometimes we surround ourselves with things we hardly notice. Take an inventory of your environment and open your eyes to any clutter around you. Remove items that no longer get your attention or have been sitting on a shelf for as long as you can remember.

Update your space by bringing items you’ve packed away out of storage, or remove some things entirely like worn throw pillows and dusty knickknacks. Give yourself time to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of empty space.

 Turn Your Home into a Peaceful Retreat With These 4 Tips

Tech-Free Zone

We are plugged in everywhere we go. From the bedroom to the boardroom, technology follows us to bombard our senses with information from all directions. Resolve to declare space in your home a tech-free zone! The bedroom is an ideal place to ban televisions and other devices and eliminate notification buzzes and blinking computer lights. Turn this room into retreat space by removing sleep disrupters and rest better night after night.

Consider the Basics

The temperature in your home may seem like a small consideration, but it has a lasting impact. Fluctuating temps can inhibit sleep, stiffen joints, and increase overall discomfort. Installing an energy efficient thermostat lets you regulate your home’s temperature for day and night and on your schedule. Set thermostats to warm or cool your home before you arrive, then lower it in the evening for more restful sleep.

Lighting can also affect your home’s ambiance. Replace fluorescent or similar harsh light with daylight mimicking bulbs, or use amber bulbs in lamps for a warm effect.

 Turn Your Home into a Peaceful Retreat With These 4 Tips

Soothe Your Senses

Your home is the place you return to after sensory bombardment from the outside world and yet, the outside world has its benefits. Purchase indoor plants like succulents and pothos to brighten and warm any room. Start an herb garden on your windowsill or countertop. Plants growing around you and depending on you for care means your home is filled with life’s energy and nature’s beauty.

Discover the rejuvenating aspects of cleaning out old clutter, regulating temperatures for ideal sleep, and surrounding yourself with the things that matter most. We work and live outside our homes more than we’d like. When it’s time to return at the end of the day, let home beckon you inside with the promise of peace and rest.