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uiliuili bench by Piotr Żuraw

uiliuili bench, designed by Piotr Żuraw, is a piece of city furniture of an intriguing aesthetic form. Its curious shape encourages unconventional behaviors – on the uiliuili bench users can sit, lie down, stretch, curl up, sit a bit higher, climb and jump.

Openwork construction of uiliuili made of steel and beech wood, 10 meters long and 3 meters wide, has been designed according to ergonomic principles, and the wooden seat is pleasant and warm to the touch. The bench is situated on Grunwaldzki Campus, at the main entrance to the University Library. Set in the space of the minimalist Library building, it attracts attention but does not dominate. The order of letters of its name resembles the undulating shape of the bench.


The bench is not intended to be used only by students – although one can read and relax on it during breaks from intellectual work – but meant to be a meeting and resting spot for all who appreciate good design and are open to new, inspiring solutions.

uiliuili has been created within the framework of the University of Wrocław project ‘dobrze wiedzieć więcej| good to know more’.

3-uiliuili-bench-by-piotr-zuraw 4-uiliuili-bench-by-piotr-zuraw 5-uiliuili-bench-by-piotr-zuraw

all images courtesy of PIOTR  ŻURAW – video courtesy of University of Wrocław