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Understanding How Bulk SMS Works and How It Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Understanding How Bulk SMS Works and How It Can Help Your Real Estate Business

The real estate industry is a competitive market, and those who are part of it are always looking for new ways to set them apart—whether it’s finding new clients or closing a sale. Real estate and marketing professionals see how the advancing technology in communications can improve their current marketing methods. One of these is by utilizing a short message service (SMS) or text messaging in their business.

Real estate agents see the advantages of using text messaging to communicate with their current customers and explore possible leads. Although email marketing is a common professional practice, more are looking into SMS marketing as another option. If you are one of those people who wants to explore more innovative tools to help their real estate career, simply click here.

One advantage of SMS marketing tools is the ability to send multiple text messages or bulk SMS to numerous customers. This is a convenient way to get in touch with a lot of people at the same time. As a real estate professional, it can also help your online presence. Discover how else bulk SMS can help your business.

Widens Potential Market Reach

One of the top advantages of bulk SMS is its vast market reach, which includes everyone who owns a mobile phone. Although not all mobile phone users have access to social media and email, they can all receive SMS regardless of their phone’s make or model. This expands your potential customer reach and possibly leads to new sales opportunities. Since a text message has an open rate of 98 percent, it also makes business text messaging a powerful tool for all real estate practitioners.


Many people believe that their time equates to money and sending text messages one after another is a waste of their time. With bulk SMS, you can efficiently use your time and tend to other parts of your business, like closing a sale. Also, sending bulk SMS is more cost-effective with an average global price of $0.11 per message. Although the definite price still depends on the number of text messages you send, you have the advantage of managing your budget.

Customizable Messages 

Since you control who will receive the text messages, you can also customize the message based on factors specific to the recipients. For example, you can craft a message informing several people interested in properties in the same neighborhood. Also, you can send personalized messages based on their similar interests and relevant information like property prices and addresses. When it comes to classifying groups of individuals, you can create customer profiles based on their location, age, or preference in properties.

 Understanding How Bulk SMS Works and How It Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Allows Immediate Response

SMS notifications are immediate, which are especially useful when informing clients about same-day viewings or properties suddenly becoming available. This is an advantage of SMS over social media messaging and emails because text messages are usually read in the first five minutes. As a straightforward communication tool, customers can easily respond to the bulk SMS or request to no longer receive your notifications.

Gives a Friendlier Approach

SMS is seen as a friendlier way of communication compared to emails because most people exchange mobile numbers and text messages among their friends and family members, making it more personal. As a direct way of communicating, many are more open to engaging in conversations through text as it feels more natural compared to answering emails.

Easily Set Reminders

If you manage several properties either for sale or for rent, alerting multiple individuals about certain information can be easy with bulk SMS service. For example, you can easily schedule an SMS to be sent on the day of the property viewing or a few hours before the appointment to remind your client. On the other hand, managing the day-to-day operations of multiple rental properties is also a breeze as you can easily send a reminder to everyone concerned.

Automating alerts and reminders can be a real-time saver and will make you focus on more important aspects of your real estate business.

Offers Customer Support

Many customer relationship management (CRM) software offer the integration of bulk SMS marketing tools, which can be very helpful when realtors handle several properties and customers at the same time. For example, they can update their CRM when a lease has been approved and this will automatically send SMS updates to the customers involved. This is similar to letting future homeowners of the same development know about the progress of their homes or inform them of any setbacks.

It’s important to equip yourself with the right tools that can grow your business. This may mean delegating or automating smaller tasks in order to concentrate on finding new clients and selling your products. In your case, as a professional in the real estate industry, you need to establish a good working relationship with your customers by keeping all available communication lines open to them, including SMS.