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Unique Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That Work Like Magic

Unique Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That Work Like Magic

Outdoor kitchens are getting prominence due to various reasons – it frees up one room in your house, and also keeps strong odor outside. It also bestows you with more space, and you can upgrade your existing kitchen without having to invest in any construction. All you need is an open space.

But, the catch is – when designing your outdoor kitchen, you have to be very specific about the presentation. Keeping in mind your preferences and lifestyle, personalize the space as much as you want. Also, keep in mind your culinary skills as it will help to a great extent in designing your contemporary kitchen

Five unique outdoor kitchen ideas

Fire Pit

When you are planning to get your indoor kitchen outside, make it prepared for all weather conditions with a fire pit or a fireplace. As the sun sets, having a variety of lights and fixtures, do wonders, but nothing works better than the fire pit/fireplace. It keeps the place warm and sets the mood perfectly. If you want to buy a top-notch fire pit for your home then please visit here www.fireplacelab.com

Bar style kitchen

If you want to focus spending more time crafting cocktails than cooking, then designing a bar style kitchen will suit your needs perfectly. Mostly these types are spacious with minimal appliances cramped up. 

Keep one corner specified for preparation and serving, and use dark countertops there. You can also use granite to give the desired look. Specify the space with a few bar stools, which are pretty comfortable too.

You can make use of the space by installing a TV and by pulling in a low height sofa stuffed with loads of cushions – for sure, it will be the best hangout zone in your house. Make sure to bring in a refrigerator to keep your drinks fresh! 

 Unique Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That Work Like Magic

Barbeque station

An open kitchen with a barbeque or a grilling station can be the perfect paradise for a grill master. Have a specific cooking space and bring the grill of your choice. Flaunt not only the best of your appliances but also your grilling skills. Furthermore, a great grill cover will protect your new investment for years to come.

If you do not have a large backyard, and still want to enjoy some time cooking in the open, have a small barbeque installed near the swimming pool area. Or you can also purchase the portable ones; this way, you will not have to restrict yourself to any specific area. 

Get some fruitwood, and see its magic the dishes you grill. Another great thing about grilling in the open is you can keep your family away from the smoke, which tends to linger in the house for long.

If you are using the swimming pool area, make sure that you fence the pool to avoid any accidents.

Island design

The island design of a kitchen is very portable and cost-effective. Thus, they are turning out to be the most popular and standard models. They are pretty compact and are also ideal for entertaining guests. 

To give a separate feel to the cooking space, most of the island designs have one side of the island elevated. Though for most of them, the cooking surface is fixed in the central area, you can customize the same. Select from the full range of surfaces as per the theme of your outdoor kitchen and add charm to the entire space.

More than one cooktop

Cooking becomes fun when you have a companion, so feel free to have more than one cooktop. A good thing about an outdoor kitchen is the availability of space – utilize it by bringing in anything starting from a gas burner, and grill, to ceramic smokers, or wood-burning ovens. Decide the cooktops depending on your culinary skills, and enjoy cooing with your family.