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Up Your DIY Game With These 3 Modern Gadgets

Up Your DIY Game With These 3 Modern Gadgets

DIY has changed over the past few decades. It used to be a pursuit of those who loved working with their hands, sweating over their creations. However, today anyone can get involved in DIY projects without prior experience or much of a love for manual labor.

This is at least partly due to sites like Pinterest, which are a perfect showcase for DIY projects around the world. People see designs on Pinterest and immediately fall in love. They know they want a particular item in their house, and the only way to get it is to make it. They then follow simple online tutorials.

An increased interest in DIY, along with changing technology, has led to the creation of a number of gadgets that will improve anyone’s DIY game. Here are the 3 you should consider investing in.

1. A 3D Printer

Not long ago, the idea of a home 3D printer seemed absurd. Even more recently, a 3D printer was unaffordable for the vast majority of us. Today, however, 3D printers are much more accessible and should be a part of your DIY toolkit.

3D printers are not exactly cheap, and you will have to pay for expensive materials. But they are well worth the investment, and you should consider saving up to buy one instead of spending on less effective DIY tools.

With a 3D printer, the DIY world is truly your oyster. You can go wild creating your own beautiful designs, or you can borrow from the thousands of clever inventions online. In no time, you’ll have pieces of a much higher quality than you could have ever hoped for in the past.

 Up Your DIY Game With These 3 Modern Gadgets

2. Laser Level

A much more basic requirement as a DIY lover is a level that is always accurate. You won’t get any more accuracy than with a laser level. Instead of spending hours squinting to make sure your old-fashioned level got the shelves on the wall straight, only to unscrew and start again, you will achieve your goal instantly.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a perfect level. Nothing drives DIYers crazy as much as a slightly skewed piece. It will stare you right in the face every time you look at it, and will make you question your sanity. Get it right the first time, and leave no space for doubt in your mind.

3. Robotic Arms

These days, anything seems possible. Which is why one of the most sought-after gadgets is a robotic arm that connects to your computer. There are a range of robotic arms out there. Some of them are nothing more than vanity purchases which will hold your stationery for you, while others can do everything from 3D printing to laser engraving.

The most exciting robotic arms are still in development at the moment, with the Innfos Gluon and the Hexbot both looking for funding on Kickstarter. You can get yours reserved if you’re not impressed by what’s currently available. I definitely recommend waiting for one of these models rather than going with a glorified pen stand.