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Updating Your Office Can Increase Productivity

Updating Your Office Can Increase Productivity

As a professional, your office is where you spend the brunt of your time. The problem with a sterile looking workspace is that it’s not only uninteresting to look at but can also decrease your overall productivity at work.

While redecorating may seemingly take more time than you care to spend during already long and stressful work days, there are some simple and quick extras you can add to revitalize your workspace relatively easily. Redesigning your space can give you a much-needed mood boost and make your boss happier about your workflow. Decrease your stress with these easy design tips.


Lighting is everything

You don’t have to live with flickering fluorescents forever. Adding a lamp to your desk can create a more peaceful lighting scheme where you can enjoy your environment as you’re working, and you can see.

Adding a brightly colored lamp can give your desk the update it needs to stand out against pale and boring neutrals.

 Updating Your Office Can Increase Productivity

Growth is inspiring

Greenery can add the touch of life you need during a rainy day of spacing out in the window’s general direction. A low maintenance plant like a cactus, bamboo or succulent ensures that your wildlife is not just another thing to forget about. Having a plant in your office will remind you that working isn’t everything. Having several plants could also be a conversation starter with your colleagues, which can help to get your work life back on track if you’re feeling stagnant or lonely.


Accessorizing with a number of different items can help to add color, spontaneity and cohesion to your office. Glassware isn’t just for drinking, you can also use glasses and the like to hold pens and utensils you use frequently throughout the day.

Woven baskets can make your space feel homier than a wired or plastic one. In these you can store paper, notebooks, calendars or anything else you may need.

 Updating Your Office Can Increase Productivity

Something to look at besides your screen

Prints in offices have mostly been used to encourage and inspire workers with pictures of puppies carrying slogans like, “you’ve got this!” If that’s not exactly your thing, try adding a print that helps you focus or reminds you of an environment where you feel joy. You can try putting up a print of your favorite band, travel destination, art piece, or anything that can relax you and provide a boost of energy after lunch.

 Updating Your Office Can Increase Productivity

Use stylish modes of organization

Forget post-it notes. Ok, you can keep them. But you can also try sprucing up your office with a cork board or a chalkboard to leave yourself notes and track your calendar, goals, and accomplishments moving forward.


Make it your own

Your office, your rules. As long as you don’t bring in an inflatable baby pool to cure your summer blues. You can ask socalhomebuyers if you’re that desperate for outdoor space.

Creativity in your office can lead to creative ideas at work. To use an entirely overused slogan, “you’ve got this!”