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Väkst Restaurant Copenhagen by Genbyg

Chris Tonnesen

Designed by Danish firm Genbyg, Väkst is a new garden-inspired Nordic restaurant in Copenhagen built using recycled materials. The overall vision was to create a space with a design that surrounds the Nordic kitchen to the dual atmosphere of city and garden – urban gardening. The idea was to create a vivid and organic space, as a garden party.

The heart of the restaurant is a large greenhouse, built through the two floors of the space, thereby transporting the guest into the sensation of a lush garden. The vision was to create a particular ambience, reminding you that you are seated right in the middle of the underground of old Copenhagen – just like plants live partly underground, so does the restaurant.

The restaurant is built on principles of environmental sustainability. Using recycled materials not only has a positive environmental impact by reducing waste, it also offered the designers and architects unique and historical materials that adds on to the authenticity.

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all images © Chris Tonnesen