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Valencia Lounge Hostel by Masquespacio


Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse from Masquespacio have recently unveiled their last interior design project for Valencia Lounge Hostel, a 11 rooms hostel distributed over 236 sqm in the old town of Valencia. 

“We wanted to recreate the feeling for the guests that they were staying in a home, but one that makes them dream, disconnect and live a new experience, while they are enjoying holidays”, says Milena Palacios.


The intervention starts with a study of the previous status of the project’s building, containing typical elements from the Valencian homes of the 20th century, with its vintage cement tiles and ceilings decorated with plaster molds that were maintained without modifications.

On the other hand, the aim of the design was to convert the hostel in a more contemporary space with a kind of a “home coziness” adding decorative elements that could draw attention of different customers and their lifestyle. Therefore, each room was designed with a different look, that could adapt to the personality of each personality.

 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-3 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-4 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-5 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-6 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-7 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-8 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-9 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-10 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-11 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-12 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-13 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-14 valencia-lounge-hostel-masquespacio-15

all images courtesy of Masquespacio