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Versus Installation by Nonotak at SAT Montréal


Illustrator Noemie Schipfer and architect musician Takami Nakamoto of Paris-based studio Nonotak have unveiled a site-specific audiovisual installation at the Montreal’s Society for Arts and Technology. Versus is an immersive experience that questions the relationship between 360° image and sound. The viewer finds himself submerged, at the center of an environment that constantly redefines space by breaking distances between projection, audience and screen. The work gives the illusion of a new type of architecture, a world created from distorsions that shatter boundaries, and that brings the idea of infinity.

Taking advantage of the SAT’s dome, the duo fills the 360-degreee canvas of the Satosphere with an impressive combination of black-and-white geometric aesthetic. Check out the video below to see how it works.


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all images and video courtesy of Nonotak Studio