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Video Marketing For Architects: A Complete Guide

A man in front of a computer editing a video

Ron Lach

Have you ever wondered how marketing has changed throughout the years? It started with the newspaper, radio, television, and now on the Internet. These rapid changes must be adopted by businesses to prosper in this so-called Digital Age.

Nowadays, one of the hottest mediums to promote products and services are videos. Video Marketing has its way of being one of the excellent marketing strategies. But do you know how to create valuable video content that will hook your audience’s attention and has a solid call to action?

This article will provide a complete guide to making a video marketing campaign for your architectural services.

1. Start Doing Vlogging 

Vlogging is not only for influencers or celebrities. It will help if you make vlogging one of your marketing strategies. You can use it to make your services more attractive to potential clients.

Most of the time, people tend to see a project’s before and after look. They do not have a chance to have at least a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes. You must understand that clients also need to see how things are done.

As customers, they want to ensure that the service being provided to them is of high quality. To spark interest and intrigue, you can start by sharing your inner workings, such as your processes and approaches. Do some filming of ten-minute vlog entries to showcase the step-by-step of the project with Buildcam.

To make it shorter and more straightforward, you can make it in under two to three minutes. You can break a project into multiple videos, building excitement and interest. One thing is for sure—you’ll be able to catch their attention by creating a suspenseful feeling within them.

2. Create Insta Stories

According to statistics, 59% of Millennials and 70% of Generation Z watch Instagram stories. Therefore, you can use this platform as well. One of the tricks to keep it appealing to the audience is to keep it short and entertaining.

Let your followers see what projects you’re working on and how you do it. It is also better to highlight the most exciting moments of your working day. Your followers can be your clients if they only discover your experiences and expertise.

 A woman in front of a computer editing a video

3. Design 3D Animations 

People love the idea of expectations. Customers expect you to be more creative and imaginative. That’s why you have to demonstrate professionalism when marketing your services, and this called 3D animations can help you do that.

3D animations allow you to showcase the before and after of your project. When you make 3D animations, your followers can visualize the future result of your work. Moreover, they get a feel for your design.

As an architect, you must lay out drawings and sketches. Give them to the CGI studio. Then, the artists will recreate your work and transform them into a photorealistic architectural animation.

4. Share Client Testimonials

Word-of-mouth is an excellent way to market a product or service. Video testimonials are the best proof and most powerful lead-generating tool to use. If they give positive feedback and comments about your services, it indicates that they are satisfied with your work.

In doing this, you can start by inviting your clients into a zoom meeting. Allow them to share their experiences while availing of your services. Ask them how they feel about the outcome design of the project.

It will help if you prepare a handful of guide questions to make it easier. If you want, ask them if they can offer a video tour and show the renovations being made. You can also supply images as proof of their testimonials.

5. Organize A Livestream 

Doing a live stream is an excellent opportunity to share valuable details. Furthermore, it enables you to interact with your followers by answering their questions—a chance for you to turn these passive followers into potential customers.

If they ask questions, don’t hesitate to answer them. Once they ask questions, you’ve raised their interest in your services. Make sure that you answer them clearly and appropriately.

You can also decide to stream an industry event, create presentations, conduct workshops, and many more. If you want them to learn your technique, do a live stream while doing your job. While you’re into it, remember to give them some helpful tips and recommendations.


Whatever style of video marketing you’ve decided to go for, always remember to make it worthwhile. Before making video content, address your client’s pain points. Go for videos that not only do people want to see but will deliver good results.