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Vincent Laforet’s Aerial Views of Las Vegas


Photographer Vincent Laforet captured stunning aerial views of Las Vegas at an altitude of 10,800 feet in this last series titled “Sin City”. “There is a genuine sense of discovery when you make these images,” he explain about the experience in a post on Storehouse“You know they likely have never been shot before. I’ll never be an astronaut—but this is the closest to space that I’ll likely ever get.”


Describing the view above Las Vegas, Vincent compares the neon colors and geometries emitting from billboards, cars, banners, and casino with an intricate computer motherboard — “It absolutely looks like a computer motherboard or a memory chip from the air. You can almost see the electricity running through it”.


Speaking about the post- production Vincent says: “I’ve spent a maximum of 30-60 seconds max per photo in terms of color correction – with adobe’s lightroom application. what you see here is what the camera is picking up (a canon 1DX and a phase one credo 50 mp body – each set to 6400 iso). you are seeing a mix of yellow tungsten light, with green fluorescent lights, and very blue LED daylight balanced lights. clearly these images wouldn’t have been possible two years ago. this is due to the fact that cameras were not sensitive enough to low light as they are today, and the fact that led lights were not as prevalent in cities as they are today. in many ways this is the perfect photographic storm. LED lights are responsible for the intense colors you see in these photographs and notably the deep blues and intense reds.”

  4-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-las-vegas 5-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-las-vegas 6-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-las-vegas 7-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-las-vegas 8-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-las-vegas 9-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-las-vegas 10-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-las-vegas 11-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-las-vegas 12-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-las-vegas

all images © VINCENT LAFORET | source storehouse