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Vincent LaForet’s Aerial Views of San Francisco


From above the clouds and undulating hills, the latest images of his ongoing AIR photo series, Vincent LaForet, who in the past showed us Las Vegas from 10,800′ in the air, captured aerial views of San Francisco from 7,200 feet above ground. “Flying over San Francisco is daunting,” he wrote on storehouse.co “Unlike New York City and Vegas that have clear borders, this is a city that never seems to end. And I frankly think I’ve only scratched the surface so far.”  “From above you can see just how vast this city is – and how incredibly tightly packed it is” he adds.

Alongside the release of AIR‘s third series, Vincent LaForet has announced a book (pres-sale here laforetAIR.com) that features all of his stunning aerial views.


2-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 3-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 4-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 5-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 6-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 7-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 8-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 9-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 10-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 11-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 12-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 13-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 14-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 15-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 16-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 17-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 18-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 19-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 20-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco 21-vincent-laforets-aerial-views-of-san-francisco

all images and video © VINCENT LAFORET | via storehouse