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Watch These TikTokers Show Off Their Amazing DIY Skills

Watch these TikTokers show off their amazing DIY skills

If you take a look at what’s trending on TikTok right now, a lot of it will have to do with DIY (Do It Yourself). It would seem that due to the lockdown and economic shutdown, people suddenly have a lot of time on their hands. With some free time to kill, what could be better than trying out some quirky and fun activities? 

This is probably why such videos have been so popular lately and accompanying hashtags trending heavily. TikTok’s Bryan Thoensen proved this statement to be true and claimed that the platform would be more focused on live video broadcasting to continue encouraging educational content over the previous association with music and dancing. 

In case you didn’t know there was a lot more to TikTok, you may want to check out these channels and learn some new skills yourself. You might even get some free followers on TikTok if you try some of these techniques and post the videos on your TikTok channel. 

Fashion and clothing modifications

After a while, we all get tired of wearing the same clothes over and over again. When this happens, most of us will go shopping for a new set of clothes. But what if you could modify the clothes you have and breathe some new life into them? There are some very popular DIY channels on YouTube, but they often involve complicated processes and machinery. On TikTok, only quick mods are allowed in the short-length videos, and there are very many channels dedicated to such modifications. 

@brittany.xavier has plenty of videos about fashion in general and a few on clothing DIY. She uses simple tools to modify her clothes and makes the process easy enough for anyone to follow and do on their own. You will also find plenty more tips on beauty and posing for pictures from a person who has 2.5 million followers.

For videos focused specifically on clothing hacks and DIY, you may also want to check out @jessreneevega. She has hacks for days that are guaranteed to transform your wardrobe and keep you from ever throwing anything away ever again. And if you happen to have a few sewing supplies, @ysabelhilado will show you some modifications that will breathe new life to your clothing. 

 Watch these TikTokers show off their amazing DIY skills

Home decor

Instead of calling a designer to help you decorate your home, what if you could do it yourself? The hashtag #diyroomdecor currently has 11.5 million views on TikTok and many different ideas that anyone can incorporate into their home. From simple paintings you can make to hang on your wall to easy designs you can create, there is a lot you can learn on TikTok to help you improve your home. 

Not only do these tips show you how to draw and paint, but also create art using items you already have in your home. While watching some of these videos, we had a lot of regrets over all the cans and bottles we threw in the trash over the years considering all we could have done with them. These videos will definitely blow your mind at what you can do to keep busy and make art. 

Makeup and beauty

You may be perfect at applying the same makeup, but what if you had some new ideas that could be even more fitting? A lot of times we settle into a routine and barely look at any other options. Ladies, you will enjoy seeing all the new and different techniques available and learn to use them while also learning about all the different products in the market. This should be the time to try a new look, perhaps change your haircolor or try that lipstick you always thought was too bright for the office. 

 Watch these TikTokers show off their amazing DIY skills

Home makeover and renovations

Have you run out of ideas on how you can reorganize your home or what to include to give it a spark? Check out #diychallenge, currently with over 500 million views and showing all kinds of home makeovers and renovations. It could be something as simple as organizing your bedroom, kitchen, or living room to major renovation projects that would completely transform your home. The good news is that none of these involve a contractor, so don’t get worried about messing up, it’s just a bit of modification with a huge impact. 


Staying indoors all day is extremely boring. Not to mention the many health problems a sedentary life can cause. But you may be sceptical about gardening perhaps because you think you don’t have room for planting anything. If you happen to have space for a small garden, then this will be a wonderful opportunity to expand your garden. And even if you live in an apartment, there are still techniques to grow a few plants with limited room. The hashtags #garden and #minigarden are also very popular for anyone with a green thumb or willing to give it a try, and there is a lot you can learn on TikTok on gardening. 

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