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Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home: Fix Leaking Gutters, Boring Gardens and Faulty Lighting

Exterior entrance of a semi-detached house

Could your home benefit from a little more curb appeal? The outside of your house is like the cover of a book; it sets the tone for what’s within. Adding curb appeal is an easy and inexpensive method to make your property seem prettier and increase its value, whether you’re selling or just want to make some renovations for your enjoyment. Here are some tips to further your curb appeal today! It can be as easy as fixing leaking gutters or upgrading your garden, this article is sure to help you boost the value of your home.

Consider going green

Adding fresh plants and flowers is one of the most visible (and impactful) ways to improve curb appeal. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or money to create a garden; you may achieve the same impression by using planters and window boxes. Plants can be used to accentuate and frame key visual elements such as windows and entryways, and if you don’t have enough space for a standing planter, a hanging one can be used instead. Even a single attractive plant arrangement can drastically improve the appeal of your home’s exterior.

Maintain your garden

While we’re on the subject of green thumbs, it’s worth noting that lawn care is a vital aspect of preserving curb appeal. Mow the grass, rake the leaves, and pull weeds regularly to keep your lawn in good shape. To avoid brown blotches, keep it well watered. Lawn maintenance will not become a major undertaking if you keep up with it. Do you live in a dry climate where grass takes a long time to grow? Consider shrub beds or artificial turf as lawn options.

Allow light to shine

A dark doorway is anything but welcome. If your front door already has a sconce or hanging pendant, switch it out for something a little more colourful and new. To make the atmosphere look brighter and cleaner, remove all cobwebs and dirt from around outdoor light fixtures. If you need more light, hang porch string lights or use solar-powered lanterns to light a walkway.

Symmetry is crucial

Symmetrical designs provide eye-catching focus areas that instantly elevate the appearance of your home. Put matching wall lanterns or plants on either side of your entrance door to complete the appearance. If your entryway is too small, you can do the same thing around your garage door.

Decorate the front door

Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. Wreaths are available all year and provide an extra touch of elegance to your front door. Look for wreaths made from dried or preserved greens and blooms, or choose one made from faux plants to make your life even easier. Seasonal components that date a wreath and make it appear out of place should be avoided. Instead, choose something basic that will add elegance to your ensemble for the entire season.

 Red brick exterior of a single-family house

Your house numbers should be upgraded

Remove your old house numbers and replace them with something that has a little more pizzazz to instantly update the look of your property. Choose a font that complements your home’s architecture while simultaneously being unusual enough to catch the eye. Even if you’re not particularly handy, altering the numbers is a simple task that can be completed in under half an hour.

Cover electrical outlets

An electrical box in the front yard can be quite noticeable, and not in a good way. Fortunately, a fast coat of paint may make the fixture blend in rather than stand out. Choose a colour that complements your home’s siding and follow these painting instructions.

Make sensible use of your outdoor furnishings

Too much outdoor furniture might look cluttered, while too little can appear sparse or neglected. Find a happy medium and make sure all of your outdoor furniture is clean and in good working order. Consider installing modest ceramic chairs for seating and a small table with a lovely planter on top for added appeal in tiny yards.

Fix leaking gutters

This can be made up of a variety of materials such as fallen leaves, moss, twigs, and other debris that has been collected over time. Leaves are blown onto the roof and fall to the ground. Rainwater gets caught in corners and downpipes when leaves get moist and adhere to gutter walls and floors. During the autumn, gutter cleaning is a necessity for your property. Leaking gutters can be seen from the street and instantly bring down the look of your home. Spend some time fixing these or hire a professional click here for more information.

The leaves will decay into rich compost over time, creating an excellent breeding habitat for seeds, moss, and weeds that are blown onto the roof or dropped by birds. If left uncontrolled, these invasive plants may take over your guttering and downpipes, blocking the normal flow of water, obstructing the downpipe, and creating rainwater accumulation and possible overflow. Gutters must be installed.