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Ways to Make Your Home Bar Look Good

Ways to Make Your Home Bar Look Good

Decorating your home can be very exciting and fun, especially if you want to make some changes that would make you feel comfortable. One of the best things to work on is your home bar because this is where you will spend most of your time, especially if you have guests over. 

You have numerous ideas and designs to choose from and some homeowners love customizing their bar to look special and unique. Overall, your choice needs to reflect your tastes, style, preference, and personality. Read on if you want to discover more about the amazing ways redecorate your bar. 

A Bar that Matches Your Study 

You can start changing your study by having a bar right in the middle of your room. If your study has a classic style with wooden furniture, you can add another bookcase that will work as your liquor cabinet. This home bar idea is one of the best ways to transform your home office and study room into something stylish, fun, and memorable. You can tell your guests that you colorfully call it your “boozecase” when you show them your cool home bar design. The bookcase has several compartments and shelves that can carry all your bottles because they are somewhat the same size as your average book. 

Customize Your Designs

Some owners like to add special features to their home bar designs. Something generic and plain is just not enough for them. You can add in special art, logo, or motto on your storage space, your cabinets, the bar itself, or the stools. Having a set of personalized and Custom Logo Bar Stools can be an excellent idea to bring life and style to your home bar. You can have any type of logo you like and it would be great if it matched the color of the room or the bar itself. You can choose to have custom art on your bar. You can have someone spray paint a fire design, an assortment of different animals, or even a majestic garden. The choice is up to you and you can match it with your personality however you like it.

 Ways to Make Your Home Bar Look Good

The Golden Bar

You can incorporate a golden bar design in your home by adding a mixture of gold, gray, and white colors for the cabinets, bar, and storage space. You can complement the golden design of the bar with black stools. The top of the wall and ceiling where the bar is should be glittering gold and your bar would be made out of white alpine to match. There is a strong allure to the gold color and the psychology behind it makes us naturally drawn to it. One of the many symbols of gold is celebration and success. This a perfect combination to have with your home bar design because you would want to have fun, celebrate, and enjoy your time drinking with your guests. 

Engraving Bottle Caps

You can start engraving bottle caps on the walls surrounding the bar. It can be an interesting choice for designing your bar and you can engrave the bar itself with more bottle caps. You can have them randomly engraved to have all the random beverage logos or you could design them in a way to display an image when you look at the entire layout. You can have the bottle caps display an image of an eye, multiple eyes, or a face. You can have them display the head of your favorite animals like a wolf or a bull. Also, you could recycle some beer cans and use them for tracking your lights. Keep the best looking cans and install them to your lights on the ceiling or the sides of the wall to match the bottle caps. It would be cool to have a bottle cap back-splash on the walls that can give your bar a unique design.

Modern Blue and Silver

It can be a great idea if you decided to have a modern blue and silver design. Your entire bar would be blue or dark blue if it matches the entire room. The bar, cabinets, compartments, and the storage space will be completely blue. Each handle and knob would be silver to give it that modern touch. You will need a set of simple bar stools with blue cushions to match the design. The shelves would be silver too and the walls can have a special graffiti-like wallpaper that has blue artwork. The wallpaper would give the bar a charming and stylish design. 

Checkered Black and White 

You could go for a checkered black and white design for your bar. It would look very stylish if the floors and walls have the same checkered look. You can have a mix of black and white stools, white bar top, black cabinets, and white storage space. The choice of colors for each part is up to you depending on what you like and what you feel would look good with the checkered design. You can have some recessed lights to drop down from the ceiling that can be a mix of black and white too. They would give your home bar a pub-like atmosphere if you use low wattage light bulbs for softer light.  

Using the Wall

You should do something unique by using the wall to your advantage. Instead of installing different shelves and cabinets, you can use the wall to display your drinks, glassware, and bottles. You can make the wall a part of your bar and it will save you a lot of space. Using your wall as part of your theme will make it look very stylish and convenient too. You just need to install wall niches, stemware racks, and some shelves within the wall itself. Try to add in some colorful and soft lighting with every corner to give it that trendy vibe. 

 Ways to Make Your Home Bar Look Good

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your home bar design can be very interesting and stylish. It would give your bar more depth and it will reflect the light in a decent-looking way too. You can rest assured that some mirrors in your design idea can be a great way to visually expand the space. This can be a great benefit to the room and the home bar itself. Mirrors can always give you great design elements for a distinctive style that can keep you and your guests entertained and relaxed while enjoying a drink together. 

Gaming Bar 

Another cool design idea that might interest you is having a gaming home bar. If there is a special game that you love that can give you that same feeling as a local inn or tavern in the game, then you should try to bring it to life. Games like World of Warcraft and Diablo can be excellent choices if you love playing them. You can have the vintage wooden and stone designs for the bar, walls, and stools. You can add special elements to the wall like a thrown axe that is stuck on the wall after a bar fight or small fey creatures like fairies or pixies as ornaments displayed on the wall. You will use vintage steins and pitchers for the drinks to give you the same vibes that are in the game.

Globe Bar

You can have a worldly little corner that has a globe bar with various drinks. This can be your special corner that has exotic drinks or specific ones that are only available in certain states or countries. You could have the globe display all the countries in the world and you can find different international drinks that you can enjoy with your guests. You can have the globe designed to have the same color as the world or have it vintage with brown and beige colors. Also, your globe bar doesn’t have to be placed in one spot in your home. You can have some wheels fashioned to the globe that allows you to move it anywhere in your home easily.  

Chic and Elegant 

It would be nice to have a chic and elegant vibe for your home bar. You can have a set of blue bar stools with wooden legs and cushioned seats. Your walls can have a mosaic back-splash design, giving your bar that chic aesthetic. The bar would have marble islands with a sleek and shiny design, giving you that elegant look you need. This design would look beautiful and stylish with your glassware, liquor bottles, and mixers. You can incorporate the mosaic designs to your marble islands on the sides for extra chic elements to your bar design. 

 Ways to Make Your Home Bar Look Good

Entertaining and Old-School

Some homeowners want the old-school and entertaining look for a full-fledged bar in their home. This means the classical bar stools, wooden bar top with wooden shelves. To complete the bar, you will need a pool table on one corner and a dartboard on the wall in another corner. This will keep you entertained as you enjoy a drink and you can have fun when you have guests over. You should have a couple of reclining chairs and a mounted TV for more entertainment. It would be the perfect spot for you to unwind, relax, have a drink, and play a round or two of pool or darts.

Classic Green Aesthetic  

Having a classic green aesthetic for your home bar can be quite luxurious. You will need green stools with cushioned seats, a green alpine bar, and green glass backsplash. You should add in recessed pendants for the dimmed lighting effect, giving you that soothing and calming vibe. You can add in some black palettes too to give your bar that classic and luxurious look. This would be perfect for hosting special parties and celebrations. If there is room, you can have a small dining table near the bar to serve some light food or snacks with the drinks. 

Gothic Designs 

Some homeowners love the gothic designs in their home and you can have that for your home bar too. Everything would be black with some hints of gray and you will need mirrors to give your bar the illusion of space and depth. You can have different skulls hanging on the wall and skull steins or goblets for the drinks. It will give your bar that intriguing, eerie, and gothic look that you want. Your choice of lighting could be blue or purple neon lights on the walls or a dark gothic-style pendant recessed down with eerie and dimmed lights. Your black and gray stools should have a skull head attached to the back of it to match the entire design. 

Vintage Cars and Trucks 

If you’re into vintage cars and trucks, then incorporating that style into your bar design can be an excellent idea. It’s very creative to use the recycled metal of old cars and trucks that were just sold as scrap. You can fix these metal parts and even use half the body of an old truck as your bar top. You should have a lighting system that resembles the taillights and headlights of a car. Have several wallpaper sheets for your walls that have classic cars. This design will give your bar that rugged look you’re looking for and it’s an excellent way to reflect your character. You can show everyone your love for vintage automobiles this way and it can be a great conversation topic to have while you’re enjoying some drinks with your guests.  

The amazing thing about redecorating is that there is no wrong idea. Anything you need and want is possible because it’s your choice of style that you want to incorporate into the changes in each room. When it comes to the home bar, you can make it look amazing in numerous ways. You just need to think about what you want to have and you can make it reflect who you are as a person. Whether it’s a small bar in the corner, an extension of your kitchen counter, or a full bar with stools and well-stocked cabinets, your designs will impress all of your guests.