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Western Home Decor Tips

Living room with sofa and rug inspired by westerns

When it comes to giving your home a Western look, you might be a little confused about where to start. Many things make a home take on that western flair, but the most important thing to remember is to use natural materials.

Your furniture, flooring, and cabinets should all be natural and not painted some crazy colors. Warm earth tones with a bit of color splash in throw pillows and blankets or in the western area rugs are acceptable. There typically is loads of lighting added to give the home that nice cozy feel. Let’s take a look at some other tips for western home decor.

Anything but White Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are trendy these days. In fact, many people are painting their kitchens and bathroom cabinets white for a nice fresh look to an outdated finish. However, when it comes to giving your home that western look, you want to not have white cabinets. You want to have rich and dark unique wooden cabinets when possible. Or even a nice turquoise finish would look pretty amazing as well. But, you want to stay away from white. Should you have the urge to paint your cabinets, paint them a color combination that has a western feel, such as dark brown with turquoise accents. Whatever you do, if you are looking for a western look, stay away from white.

 Wester inspired living room

Return of the Formal Dining Room

Western homes have a formal dining room. Decorating up your formal dining room with a western flair has never been easier. There are many table toppings to choose from, and always have your table set for a finished look. While many homes don’t usually have formal dining rooms any longer, sometimes you can find a way to carve one out to give your home that western feel.  

Classic Splash of Red

Red accents make a vibrant statement in any home decor. However, when changing your home to have a western look, red is a very classic color option to bring in. These deep red tones will look amazing with the natural and neutral tones of the wood, rock, and various animal hides. If you don’t like reds, shades of greens and shades of blues are also very popular.

Gallery walls are walls with a little bit of everything put together in a nice neat collage. While many people have gallery walls that fit all kinds of decorating styles, the gallery wall for a western feel should have things you would expect to see the west or on the ranch. These can be depictions of windmills or cows, things that are farm-related or antique items but used on a farm at one time. These can all come together to make a beautiful collage that is uniquely yours. Whether you are looking at combining inspirational signs or adding initials of your last name, there is no wrong or right way to do your gallery wall. Just be sure you have fun with it. 

While we have mentioned some tips on giving your home that western feel, you can undoubtedly use many more things. From small accents to finding the perfect rugs to tie everything together.  Take your time and have fun with it.