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What Are the Pros and Cons of the Ring Doorbell?

Woman rings the house intercom with a camera installed on the white brick wall


Some homeowners are now installing video doorbells to make their homes smarter. With this technology, you no longer have to open the door to check who’s ringing the bell, even when you’re at work or running errands.

One of the problems you could face when planning to purchase this system is the number of options available. You’ll find that some users and experts say that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the best choice. But is it also the perfect option for your home? The secret to making the right decision is to find the answer to “What are the pros and cons of the Ring Doorbell?”, which we’ll discuss below.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Ring Doorbell?

Established in 2013, the Ring company initially produced doorbell products equipped with motion detectors, internet connectivity, and HD cameras. Amazon acquired the Ring company in 2017, and they now have more advanced doorbell selections.

The Pros

Many users and experts who tested the smart doorbells by Ring agree that the top advantages of the Ring Doorbell are:

1. User-Friendly

One of the reasons some homeowners have second thoughts about smart doorbells is the installation process. The Ring Doorbell system is available in two types, wired and wireless, and they’re both easy and quick to set up or install. You won’t even need power tools to do so.

You can mount and wire the wired Ring bells to your existing doorbell. On the other hand, all you’ve to do with the wireless unit is to stick the bells around your home’s key entry points while making sure you can connect them to your WiFi network.

The best thing about it is the Ring Doorbell package comes with straightforward instructions. You’ll even find YouTube videos demonstrating the installation process.

2. Allows Two-Way Communication

Not only can you see who’s at the door, but the smart doorbell by Ring also allows you to communicate with the person. You can give the mailman or delivery person instructions, even when you’re not at home. They can also communicate with you to clarify whatever instructions are unclear for them.

If you want to greet your kids once they get home but you’re still at work, you can also do so through the Ring Doorbell. This interaction is important, especially if they had a long day in school.

3. Double Purpose

Equipped with a video and motion sensor, you can also use the Ring Doorbell as a security camera. Also, because you can speak to the person at your door, you can scare off a possible thief. In fact, the LAPD partnered with Ring to implement their burglary prevention program, which was a success.

The Ring Doorbell units installed at homes helped reduce break-ins by approximately 55% within six months. LAPD was also able to identify more criminals, thanks to the footage from the smart video doorbell.

4. Quality App

The app you need to install on your phone or tablet is the key to enjoying the doorbell’s functionality. The good thing about Ring is they also made sure that the app is seamless or easy to use.

5. Durable

You must ensure that your smart doorbell is durable enough since you’ll install it outdoors. Some experts tested the Ring Doorbell’s capability to withstand rain, and it passed with flying colors. Of course, you should still make sure it won’t get exposed to torrential rain.

 Woman rings the house intercom with a camera installed on the white brick wall

The Cons

Before deciding to purchase a Ring Doorbell, you must keep the following drawbacks in mind:

1. Costly

You’ll find that you have several Ring Doorbell options, but they all come at a price above $100. The cheapest ones come with low video quality and limited features.

Definitely, you won’t need all the features that come with some of the more expensive units. Thus, evaluate the specific model’s features and decide accordingly.

2. Requires Strong WiFi

If you prefer a Ring Doorbell unit, your home WiFi’s stability and speed will play a significant role in terms of video and audio qualities. Each unit will indicate what it requires to work perfectly, so make sure you check the specs before deciding. Nonetheless, you can opt for a wired unit.

Whichever unit you choose, though, you would need a good WiFi or data connection to monitor your front porch and communicate via the doorbell.

3. Poor Battery Life

Most smart doorbells from the Ring company have a battery life ranging from six to 12 months, which isn’t bad, once fully charged. The problem is, some users reported that the battery life didn’t last as expected. Apparently, some factors affect the battery’s life, including multiple alerts, cold weather, live streaming, and poor WiFi connection.

The Worthiness of a Ring Doorbell

With the security, safety, and convenient benefits of a Ring Doorbell, it is undoubtedly a smart home system that you should consider investing in. Just make sure you have a unit installed that works well with your available WiFi network and comes with features that you need the most.