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What Are The Signs Your Hot Water System Needs Replacing?

What Are The Signs Your Hot Water System Needs Replacing?

Everyone loves their hot water. Whether you use it while cleaning, bathing or even cooking, it is a fundamental part in our lives that we all assume. The efficiency, comfort and warmth that is brought about when you open your taps is fully dependent on your hot water systems. Having the ability of recognising the early signs of a wanting hot water system is very vital since you will be able to repair and replace the issue.

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Below are some of the signs that you should consider for you to know if your hot water system requires replacing.

1. Rumbling and Weird Noises

If your hot water system produces some weird and rumbling noises, consider that as a sign of replacement. A properly-conditioned hot water system should not produce any noise at all. Even if it is bubbling, banging, gurgling, popping or even cracking.

These weird noises might be caused by burned or heated residue that are in the tank. It can also be as a result of a part of the hot water system that is worn out. In addition, don’t ignore any noises coming from the hot water system as it can be a sign it needs to be replaced by an expert. 

2. The Hot Water System is Old

The hot water system should at least last for about eight to ten years. The manufacturer’s sticker provides the date of the manufacturer thus becoming easy to check its age. The age of the hot water system also allows you to be mindful of when it will require replacement. A new one will always be easy to maintain since the electrical bills will have reduced and it will also be a bit efficient.

3. Smelly and Discoloured Water

A disgusting smell plus discoloured water is a visible sign that your hot water system requires replacement. This can be as a result of bacterias or rust that is in the hot water system you are using. One of the things you can do to deal with this problem is to flush out the hot water heater and remove all the sediments that are at the bottom of the tank.

If this does not solve anything, then you should call a water heater replacement licensed plumber that will replace the whole hot water system. Our plumbers will investigate your hot water system, once they find the issue, they will then upgrade it. Our plumbers will investigate your hot water system, once they find the issue, they will then upgrade it.

4. Increased Demand

Your hot water system highly depends on the demand that is in your home. The number of appliances or users can greatly affect the efficiency of the hot water system. You might have installed it when your family was very small and it has increased with time. You might have also added the number of appliances in your home thus resulting in the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the system.

Therefore, it is very necessary to replace the hot water system with a bigger one that supports all of your water demands.

5. Lukewarm or Cold Water

A well running water heater should be able to efficiently provide hot water as per the thermostat. If it starts providing cold or lukewarm water, then that is a sign of a problem. Once you make adjustments in the thermostat and there are little or no changes in the temperature, then that is a sign that the hot water system is burning out.

After seeing all these signs, you should make arrangements to replace it with a new one. One of the factors that leads to the system producing cold water is that the demand has highly increased. Ensure you call a licensed plumber who will check the system and thereby replace it with a new one that has large capacity.

6. A Leaking Tank

This is one of the major signs that a hot water system needs to be replaced. If you see a visible leak in your water heater, then a replacement is necessary. Neither can a leaking tank be repaired nor operate. If you insist on working with a leaking tank, you will only keep you at the risk of serious failures or floods in your home.

Some of the leaks mostly if they are coming from the valves might be replaced but the tank itself can’t.


Most people repair and replace their household items when something goes wrong. However, when it comes to a hot water system, knowing when to repair or replace it can be of great importance. This is because it will save you a lot of money in the long run.The above signs will help you identify if the system needs replacement or not.