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What Coffee Tables Are in Style in 2022

Geometric metal coffee table

Looking to level up your living area? A coffee table can be just the item needed to pull a room together. They are a practical way to make a statement but can also be minimal and understated when required.

Coffee table trends for 2022 include materials such as marble, unfinished wood, metal and glass. We are still seeing minimalist and simplistic designs but there are a few less angles than seen in the best coffee table trends of 2021 where triangular tables were a popular choice! Irregular shapes, such as cloud-shaped tops, are currently very trendy as are clear, acrylic coffee tables- if clear isn’t your vibe, then opt for a bright, bold colour for an on-trend, maximalist look.

Whatever your design criteria, our guide will help you pick something stylish and fashionable to suit your living area. Whatever the purpose, it is also essential to consider the height of your table which should, ideally, match your main sofa’s seat height or be slightly lower. If you have a reclining sofa, choosing a coffee table requires slightly more research but there are many fantastic coffee tables that were designed to go with reclining sofas.

What style of coffee table do I pick?

There are a whole host of unique coffee tables to choose from these days that will bring a touch of style to your living space. Consider the space you have firstly, take measurements and make sure you’ll have plenty of space to move around your new coffee table. Then it’s time to consider materials, from traditional wood to modern glass and industrial metal, there is something to suit all themes of living room.

Think about the role of your coffee table, is it purely practical and providing additional storage or did you want to use it for decorative purposes, perhaps for an “of-the-moment” coffee table book or a statement vase? Whatever the purpose, it is also essential to consider the height of your table which should, ideally, match your main sofa’s seat height or be slightly lower.  Styling a glass coffee table with fresh flowers, a bowl,books and some decorative boxes can really help make it stand out even more.

You’ll know when you’ve found the right coffee table for your space as it will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the design. Remember, coffee tables are usually a functional item and as they tend to be centrally placed in a room, you will want to ensure that the style and size are just right!

 Glass coffee table

Best Coffee Tables 2022


Wood will always be a popular choice of coffee table material due to its durable nature and variety of colours. Lighter woods or those painted white offer a fresh, contemporary finish to living spaces. If it’s functionality, as well as style, that you require, look for options with practical shelving and the opportunity to place baskets underneath for further storage if required. Being so durable, wood is the perfect material for those with kids or if your coffee table is placed in a high traffic area!

Scandinavian style home decor continues to be popular for 2022. Most commonly made from wood and with its simplistic style and neutral tones, they aren’t always the most practical of designs in terms of storage and versatility, however they do work well for those wanting to reflect a more minimal look within their living space.

Wood is a timeless material but of course, there are so many varieties of wood that some can be more on trend than others at times. Walnut wood, for example, is a great choice for a coffee table in 2022. Opting for a classic shape will be sure to see your choice for a wooden coffee table be a great one as this is an ageless style that withstands the test of any trend.

Marble & Glass

Marble and glass are two other trend-led materials for 2022 coffee table styles and there are quite a few available that combine both materials, capturing the best of both worlds! The neutral tones of this style of table tend to make it a versatile option that is capable of adapting to suit a variety of living space themes. There is nowhere to hide clutter with this table so if you are looking for something to double as storage then this might not be for you however, if a statement piece is what you fancy then this is it!

Marble coffee tables are a very sophisticated choice and would sit well in a more modern home. Real marble is an investment and certainly on the higher end of the budget scale however, it is a true focal point and will bring a touch of class to your living space.

Glass coffee tables are a chic addition to living rooms and offer a classic style that is sure to endure the test of time. Glass tables, with their ageless quality, are also a great choice for those intending its primary use to be to put beverages down on as they are easily wiped clean and don’t leave water marks like their wooden counterparts are susceptible to. Choosing a completely glass coffee table, as opposed to one that combines alternate materials as well, is better suited to a more modern looking home.


A classic, rectangular shape is always a great option, look for those with the additional benefit of hidden storage via handy drawer compartments, leaving for an elegant yet practical design but with clutter still very much hidden!

Angular shapes are not as on trend right now so opt for a circle or abstract shape if you are looking for something more current, but if you prefer angular styles then plump for a classic square or rectangle, don’t go off piste!

If you are searching for something a bit more unique from your coffee table, then 2022 is the year to do it as abstract and unusual designs are having a moment. Choose a funky design without being too loud. Cloud shaped tops are a popular choice right now and will help to soften a room especially if other nearby furniture pieces have sharp, defined lines.


Acrylic coffee tables are having a moment and, again, a great option for those wanting a more unusual or statement look. Opting for clear acrylic will work well in a minimalistic home but for those who prefer the maximalist styles that are popular this year then opt for a bold colour. An iridescent one would be a softer take on bright colours but still with an impactful edge.

 Wooden coffee table

How to style a coffee table in 2022

Once you’ve picked your favourite design of coffee table, be sure to keep it on trend with the latest styling. Play with height, using stacked coffee table books in neutral tones (or even a pop of colour if it feels right for your space!) as well as candles and vases. Concrete effect doughnut vases bring a modern edge to living rooms and are super trendy right now.

In Conclusion

With the current coffee table trends of 2022, it is easy to pick something “en vogue” but that will also stand the test of time so anything you invest in will continue to look stylish in your living space for years to come. Be sure to take into account the space you have for a coffee table to avoid making your space look or feel cramped. Style it well to keep this living room focal point on trend. Follow this advice and you’ll be sure to have a relevant and fashionable space for 2022 and beyond!