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What Do Your Glasses Say About You?

Close-up of a black man with eyeglasses

Darlene Alderson from Pexels

Glasses wears have never had so much choice. With the huge amount of different kinds of eyeglasses available both online and in stores, it is easier than ever to express your personality and individuality through your glasses. But what do your glasses say about you?

Creativity shown through color

You can get glasses in every color of the rainbow, and then some! You will find black, brown, or grey/silver frames to be the most common colors, but they are far from the only options available. If you like to go bold with your choices and have elected for a less traditional color for your glasses, then you are sending out the message that you are a creative type. Artists or other artsy types often pick out bright bold colors to match their more colorful personalities as well as giving them the ability to stand out in the crowd. Colorful frames imply a certain level of creativity in contrast to the arguably boring choices of black and brown.

Trendy chunky black frames

Thick black frames that were once deemed nerdy are now favored by the young, hipster crowd as an ironic but stylish fashion piece. Thick frames are eye-catching and hard to ignore which suggests the wearer made a conscious choice to go bold with this “look at me” piece. They are possibly one of the biggest trends in eyeglasses in recent years and implies that the wearer is young, opinionated, and bold.

 Black man works at computer wearing a pair of eyeglasses

Optimistic patterned frames

Bright colors and funky patterns suggest a sunny, positive personality. In addition to this, it could be seen as a way to reach back into your youth by bringing a bit of playfulness to your everyday look. If you have pretty, patterned frames you may come across as cheerful and fun, someone who does not take life too seriously.

Adventurous aviators

Aviators were a huge hit in the 70s, but they have slowly been creeping back into popularity over recent years. Unlike the thick black frames, this trend is still somewhat niche and can only be pulled off by the most fashionable among us. This means that the brave but risky choice to go for aviators implies that you are adventurous and confident. Aviators can be hard to get away with and it is easy to look dated or “try-hard” so if you choose these as your everyday frames then chances are that you are a risk-taker.

Pragmatic clean lines

In contrast to the more creative types, what about the more logical-minded? Simpler frames tend to be more well structured and sturdy, usually favored by those who prefer function over fashion. They are more detail orientated, more mathematically or scientifically driven and glasses are much more about pragmatism for them.

Quirky round frames

Large round frames have stepped back onto the scene thanks to the ever-popular Harry Potter franchise, although since the ending of the film series they have dropped in popularity just a little. Therefore, these big round frames are trendy whilst also being a little more quirky and implying a love of history and vintage style.