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What Happens When My Ring Doorbell Battery Dies?

Ring doorbell

If you’ve ever had a Ring doorbell or any other smart device, you know that they’re pretty powerful. They can do things like let you talk to visitors and lock or unlock your doors.

But the most important thing they can do is sense motion, which means if their battery dies, so does your ability to keep your home safe at night. So what should you do when your Ring Doorbell battery dies?

Your Ring Doorbell battery will die at some point. It’s inevitable, and we all know it. But how do you tell when to replace it?

The first thing to do is check the Ring app for any alerts about low battery levels. If there are none, then it’s time for a new battery! Auto Home Hub will tell you how!

How to Recharge Your Ring’s Battery

Once you receive the alert to recharge the battery, the process is quite simple. It should be noted that this step is only applicable if you’re using the Ring Doorbell 2 and 3. First, remove the doorbell’s front cover and take out the battery. Plug the batteries into the USB charger to recharge it to 100% capacity.

You may also install a backup battery to your doorbell to guarantee no downtime while charging, although this might not be absolutely necessary. Charging the battery fully takes only six to eight hours.

On the other hand, the lithium battery in the earlier model of Ring Doorbell cannot be taken off the device. You must remove the whole device from the support frame in order to charge the battery. To remove it from the frame, just unscrew the bottom of the device. Now, connect the charging cord to the device. 

Remember, before the battery fully runs out of power, you should recharge it. You might need to register the doorbell on the app again if the battery fully runs out.

How Often Should You Recharge Your Ring’s Battery?

Ring doorbell battery life is about three years, so the best way to keep your security system working properly is to recharge it to its full capacity.

How often you should recharge the battery will depend on how you use your device. The average life of the battery in your Ring Doorbell is anywhere from six months to a year before the battery has to be recharged again

The amount of usage of the doorbell will determine the battery life, primarily. Motion detection and doorbell ringing consume more battery power, reducing battery life.

 Close up on Ring doorbell

What Causes Such a Rapid Battery Drain on My Ring?

There are a number of potential causes for the battery in your Ring Doorbell to be draining more quickly than usual. Your doorbell could be picking up quite a lot of activities. It’s also possible that your doorbell is located in an area with weak Wi-Fi coverage.

Did you know that Ring calculates battery life based on 1,000 actions?  Ring estimates that it will take about six to twelve months for this device to catch that number of activities. Decrease the number of activities your doorbell detects if you want to save more battery life.

Furthermore, ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is consistently strong. To improve the signal, you may, for instance, relocate your Wi-Fi router nearby or get a second router.

What Happens When the Battery in Your Ring Doorbell Dies?

You’ve just installed your Ring doorbell and connected the battery, which you received in the box, to power it up. You see a series of blinking lights, but nothing happens. Now what?

We all know that our ring doorbell battery eventually dies. But what happens when it does? Have you ever wondered how to replace the battery in your Ring doorbell?

When your Ring Doorbell stops working, it will, of course, stop recording and monitoring events outside, and if you’re using the wireless model, it will also stop chiming.

How to Monitor the Battery Life of Your Ring Doorbell

When the battery life in your Ring Doorbell runs out, you will immediately receive alerts via your installed Ring app and email.

Here’s how you can monitor the power level of your Ring Doorbell directly from your smartphone app:

  • On your Ring App, select the doorbell from the “My Devices” option.
  • The upper-right corner of the screen will display the battery level.
  • An illustration of a filled battery with its corresponding power levels shows the battery’s actual state. You can receive the actual percentage of the remaining battery life by selecting the gear icon.

The Takeaway

You can only guess how long the battery in your Ring Doorbell will last before it has to be recharged. Your Ring’s battery life is determined by a number of factors, such as the frequency of use, the outdoor temperature, and the reliability of your Wi-Fi connection. If you want to maximize the battery life of your wireless doorbell, don’t wait for it to run out.