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What Is 10 by 10 Kitchen?

What Is 10 by 10 Kitchen?

Every structure has evolved with the passage of time. What we had in the ’90s is now just the part of the past. Everything transforms with the passage of time but for that change to kick in there should be a blueprint on which modification can occur. Kitchen is not just any part of the house, it’s the soul of that place which turns the house into a place we call home.

A 10 by 10 kitchen which is equivalent to 100 square feet is a primary L shaped composition which is used by the kitchen wood industry as a benchmark. A person could visualize through this to convert its old space into a new dream kitchen. A basic idea is given by this initial kitchen so that the people could compare how much a certain piece of Cabinet in a specific style would cost them and provides a map between the reformations of the kitchen within a certain budget.

 What Is 10 by 10 Kitchen?

What does it include?

Talking about 10 by 10 kitchen, it doesn’t cover each item present in the kitchen like finish panels, molding, decorative hardware, countertop, sink or any kind of appliances. It focuses on the Cabinets compromises of the wall cabinet, wall angle cabinet, blind base corner cabinet, sink base cabinet, and base cabinet. Basic cabinets are provided in the 10 by 10 blueprint so that a customer could pump up to any style according to his choice and compare these choice’s cost with a budget.

Why RTA Cabinets Play a Huge Role in the kitchen:

RTA cabinets perform a very multifaceted job. Its not just a storage compartment but it can make or break the kitchen’s theme as half of the kitchen is occupied by the cabinets and almost a quarter of the budget is dedicated for the rta cabinets. Having choices is considered a positive this but they can be overwhelming especially in today’s era, but a person can always get inspiration from the websites, from the pre-existing samples, and from magazines.

 What Is 10 by 10 Kitchen?

Which style and type to go for?

Everything in your home shows your personality, mood, and taste. Along with these, a person wants the hisher kitchen to be functional too. The more a person indulges in kitchen designs the more heshe would get to know about their preference of kitchen styles.

A person could go for a traditional kitchen style which basically features cherry wood kitchen cabinets. The Other Style is a country kitchen in which colors plays a huge role, the furniture is more of a mismatch for a warm and homey look. Mostly It highlights the maple and pine wood cabinets. Contemporary kitchens are known for their functionality and it focuses on the lighter wood than the cherry wood for the cabinets. Pop of colors and playfulness along with functionality makes this style a bit unique.

The more luxurious and futuristic style is the modern kitchen style which magnifies the usage of concrete, stone, metal, and glass. The cabinet with a lacquer finish makes this style stand out from the rest.

Once the style is decided then comes the critical choice, which type of cabinets to go for. The different types include Shaker, louvered, flat panel, inset, distressed, beadboard, thermo foil or more conveniently go for custom ones. RTA Cabinet Supply offers a wide selection of kitchen cabinets and accessories. All the options vary in accordance with a person’s perception of the hisher ideal kitchen.

 What Is 10 by 10 Kitchen?

What Characteristics make the cabinets fall in the good quality Spectrum:

Durability is one of the key factors that shouldn’t be taken lightly when we are talking about cabinets because if a person brushes this off then it cost him way more than expected. To provide durability, few things should be considered which are discussed below:

  • Prefer all plywood cabinets rather than going for the Particle boards because of the fact that it has more tendency to hold its shape with screws and glues.
  • The most important factor which most people forget to focus on are hinges, Cabinet hinges should have good quality hinges preferably six-way adjustable hinges; in-out, up-down and left-right so that it can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Nobody wants a loud cabinet, everybody wants the cabinets to open and get closed in a smooth manner and for that under-mount, steel, soft glides should be used to ensure that you are having the full access to the drawers.