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What Is Market Research and How It Can Benefit Your Business

What Is Market Research and How It Can Benefit Your Business

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Marketing research is the careful, systematic collecting, monitoring, and evaluation of quantitative and qualitative information about various issues related to marketing goods and services. The main objective is to identify and measure how changes in marketing elements affect consumer behavior. Marketing research is a systematic process of collecting, maintaining, analyzing, and making available to the public knowledge and data on marketing activities, both specific and general. It includes surveys, experiments, research methodologies, market researches, and product tests. Market research can be used for general or product-specific purposes.

Reason To Incorporate Market Research To Your Strategy

You need market research for any marketing strategy, whether large or small. Even if your approach to marketing is limited to using social media and trying to scale up your online presence using services such as SpotifyStorm, you will need research to help you create a more effective campaign. Market research helps businesses and marketers understand and meet consumer demands and preferences. These are the core ingredients for successful marketing. By understanding consumer behavior, marketers come closer to satisfying the market needs and choosing the most appropriate products or services for their customers. By knowing what consumers need and want, marketers become better prepared to design and develop marketing programs and strategies that benefit consumers. There are two main types of marketing research: qualitative research and quantitative research.

Defining Qualitative Research

Qualitative research relates specifically to what consumers think, feel, and know about a product or service. These types of research are often more in-depth than quantitative because they focus more on what consumers find valuable and important. In addition to qualitative research, there is also quantitative research that researches marketing programs and activities through the use of statistics to provide objective and data-driven insights.

 What Is Market Research and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Methods Of Market Research

It is common for marketing research to involve collecting data from both direct and indirect channels to better understand market needs and tastes. Direct research involves conducting interviews, focus groups, and surveys with randomly selected individuals living in the same location as the product or service being surveyed. Indirect research can include observing consumers during shopping, browsing, or other online activities. These are just some of the many ways to collect data that can help researchers draw insights on marketing and understand market needs.

Market research can also be used to inform key business decisions. Oftentimes, determining whether or not to launch a new product or service can hinge on the insights gathered through market research. Marketing managers and executives can use the findings from this research to determine if launching the product or service in the marketplace is a good idea or should be scaled back or changed altogether. Additionally, this research can inform executives of potential roadblocks along the way that might keep them from launching their ideas successfully.

Understanding The Consumer

One of the primary uses of marketing research techniques is to gain an understanding of how consumers perceive various goods and services before launching any products or services. Market research techniques can tell managers what consumers find most appealing about competing products or services and which ones they do not find appealing. This information can prove invaluable when marketing programs and activities are designed to specifically target or appeal to certain demographics. For example, a company may realize that younger consumers do not like watching Spongebob Squarepants.

Another important market research technique is studying consumer behavior and buying habits. Study after study has shown that consumer behavior and buying habits are very important indicators of what consumers need and want. Market research can help companies determine what kinds of products and services to offer to consumers in order to reach their goals. Some of the techniques commonly used to study consumer behavior include sending out questionnaires and conducting focus groups to determine how consumers view various products and services and what they don’t like or need. Another popular research technique is using consumer satisfaction surveys to learn what consumers find most desirable in a new product or service.


Market research techniques provide valuable insight into what consumers need and want, allowing marketers to create marketing strategies that will reach their intended audience and fulfill their goals. These techniques allow marketers to reduce the time and expense required for successful advertising and marketing campaigns while providing the relevant information that is necessary for effective marketing decisions. When applied properly, marketing research can benefit a company by providing it with the information it needs to make the right marketing decisions. By carefully implementing research techniques, a company can achieve its marketing goals and reduce the cost of marketing to shareholders.