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What is New Boiler Finance?

What is New Boiler Finance?

Let’s face it- most homes will not survive without a boiler. Apart from heating up water so that you can enjoy a warm bath, your boiler keeps your entire home warm, courtesy of central heating.

This is why a vast majority of homeowners are turning to new boiler finance schemes that fairly cater to their finances. For instance, when your boiler breaks down and you are faced with thousands of dollars’ worth of payment, then having an affordable payment scheme is a welcome option.

But what exactly is new boiler finance?

If you experience an emergency with your boiler, you can always look to a reputable installer like RD Heat, that can provide installation and financing. Thus, getting your new boiler on finance could offer added financial flexibility on your purchase.

Therefore, new boiler finance is an agreement that allows you to buy your boiler now and pay later. You can spread the payment cost to up to 36 months for an affordable weekly or monthly payment.

The Benefits of New Boiler Finance

Needless to say, new boiler finance comes with tons of benefits for homeowners. Ideally, boilers with finance will make it easy for you to afford an upgrade. These are the benefits that you will enjoy with this kind of financing:

  • Easy replacement

Unlike other loans that require a down payment, you do not need to save in order to acquire boiler finance. This is especially useful for broken down boilers, which can be replaced immediately. In case you need to make a small payment beforehand then you will face lower upfront costs. However, most installers do not require an upfront payment.

  • Efficiency

Your new boiler finance will enable you to save the money that you are bound to spend on energy bills in the long run. Ultimately, your new boiler will start paying for itself.

  • Other finance benefits

When you apply for boiler financing, you will receive either a servicing or insurance package. This gives you the guarantee of knowing that you will not need to pay for any impending repairs. Additionally, your boiler finance will be accompanied by a warranty that will come in handy in case of breakdowns.

  • Pay in installments

Granted, making full payment for your new boiler is an expensive option. But with new boiler financing, you will not create any dents in your pocket. In fact, you can pay off your boiler in several years, making it easy to meet your financial goals on a monthly basis.


A new boiler finance agreement is just like any other loan. As such, you should ensure that you are comfortable with the terms and conditions before getting the financing.

For example, if you fail to keep up with the monthly payments, then you may damage your credit rating. But with a good financial plan, you can take on the financing while enjoying your new boiler and making a payment plan for it. Well,does it get better than this?