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What Kind of Door Lock Is Most Secure?

What Kind of Door Lock Is Most Secure?

According to Locksmith Training HQ, one of the essential features of a home is a secure lock. Though locks are designed to keep doors from opening, not all of them are created equal. Some locks provide the bare minimum protection from unwanted access; it’s like they’re mostly there for show.

On the other hand, other locks provide security that covers more than just the main entryway. With tons of options in the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right lock for your home.

So, which door lock is most secure? Before we go over our list of the most secure locks, let’s first learn how the American National Standards Institute or ANSI defines “security.”

The “ANSI” Definition of Security

Security can mean different things to different people, depending on what they need protection from. To some, it can simply be an idea, while to others, it can be something that keeps anything and everything from gaining entry into their home.

With these varying definitions, ANSI has come up with security ratings for different kinds of locks. In this way, people seeking them out will know exactly what suits their unique security situation.

ANSI rates locks as follows:

Grade One

No other rating goes beyond a grade one, as it is the highest security rating a lock can receive. Back then, grade one deadbolts were only limited to industrial buildings, but now they are gaining popularity in residential homes.

Grade Two

Most of today’s homes make use of grade two locks. These are made with top-notch steel and can deter most levels of unwanted access. If you’re looking for a lock that can meet your residential security needs, this will suffice more often than not.

Grade Three

Nothing screams substandard like grade three security locks. They’re made with lower-quality materials that might provide some level of security but will likely fail most force and durability tests.

 What Kind of Door Lock Is Most Secure?

Top Five Secure Door Locks

Sitting several paces ahead of most locks in terms of security are the following ANSI-evaluated locks. With any one of these locks used in your entry doors, there’s a good chance they won’t bend to even the highest levels of unwanted access.

Falcon D241

You can match this chrome-finished deadbolt with a wide range of handles and knobs. Rated at an ANSI grade two, it is classified as a highly secure all-around deadbolt. What makes it stand out among other locks under its category are solid housing, brass plugs, and tempered steel bolts. It comes with a five-pin chamber, but you can also use cores for pins six and seven to level up security.

Medeco 11TR50319

One can throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at this lock, and it might still not even budge an inch. Of course, that’s no surprise, given that this lock offers superb resistance against kicking, lock-picking, running against using one’s full body weight, and most attempts at forced entry.

As a certified grade one lock, the Medeco Maxum deservedly owns its premium by providing peace of mind to its buyers. They don’t call this lock the “home defender” for nothing.

Baldwin Prestige 380

This traditional single cylinder deadbolt is classified as an ANSI grade two, with its solid-brass and hardened steel composition and state-of-the-art design. It has long screws and an extremely durable strike plate that can withstand some of the heaviest punishments. It comes with a Smart Key feature and implements Re-Key technology for an easy key change as frequently as you like.

Schlage B60N 619

Categorized as a grade one deadbolt, this affordable single cylinder lock is definitely something you want to get affixed into your entryway. It has an anti-lock-picking design and a reinforced strike plate for several types of forced-entry resistance.

It’s a no-fuss, all-around lock with a smooth installation and operation process. Like most under the single-cylinder-lock category, it accepts exterior entry of keys and showcases a thumb knob on the inside. This large knob has a simple turning mechanism that adheres completely to the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act.

Kwikset 980S

You wouldn’t suspect this simple-looking lock to be classified as a grade one lock by ANSI. However, not only does it hold this rating, but it also displays the conventional key-and-thumb design for turning that most residential owners are used to. It also comes with the patented side-locking technology and other additional security features.

The Real Deal About Locks

Locks are often considered as a residence’s primary source of protection from unwanted access. They come in many versions that you can upgrade easily around your specific security needs. They’re also rated differently by the ANSI, with grade one and two ratings offering the best protection and the grade three rating being mostly for show. Any of the first two classifications should provide your home the level of security that brings peace of mind.