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What Makes Los Angeles’ Office Design So Unique?

What Makes Los Angeles’ Office Design So Unique?

Interior design is an area that is always changing, due to the ever-versatile needs of various individuals. This is the reason why home renovation shows are popular because they always provide inspiration on what new trends are on now, and how to incorporate them into our homes. The same case applies to office design, especially in cities like Los Angeles. This is a trendsetter when it comes to matters of fashion, architecture, and the arts. Below we have therefore explored what features make their office design unique, and have compiled a list of items we can borrow from them and adapt in our own spaces.

Shared, open wide co-working spaces

Open floor office plans are becoming more and more popular, due to the advantages that the format helps to bring. These types of spaces foster and encourage collaboration among team members, and help to break down the invisible, unspoken barriers that a traditional hierarchical and enclosed office structure would bring. These co-working spaces also help to boost creativity and productivity, as your team will not huddle off in silos and work independently. Having all team members easily accessible to each other will grant them the freedom and courage to interact, thus enabling a free flow of ideas.

Meditation rooms

Another unique factor of the Los Angeles office design is the inclusion of separate meditation rooms. Mental health is important, to allow for effective working. As such, most offices are thus adopting this design of having an open floor plan but also a few separate rooms that a person can retreat to. Shared working spaces can be quite stimulating, and for some, this may hinder their productivity. These rooms, therefore, come in handy as they allow one to take some time for a breather, or simply to work independently for a while.

  What Makes Los Angeles’ Office Design So Unique?


Gone are the days when offices had the standard dull white paint and harsh bright lights. Lately, a lot of offices are paying attention to the aesthetics of the rooms, as these do have a direct impact on the comfort and productivity of staff. Some unique and special office designs in Los Angeles are the inclusion of murals, sculptures, as well as a few working chairs and desks in outdoor spaces such as the balcony. These provide staff with a choice to select where they would wish to work from, in case they need a break from being indoors. Offices are also incorporating a lot of nature into offices, such as plants and aquariums. This homey, casual style enables all staff to relax, and feel that they are part of a safe space.

Recreational facilities

In a bid to make staff more comfortable, a lot of companies have adopted the practice of including items such as ping pong tables, bean bags, and wide kitchen spaces. These investments help people to take some time off during the day to recharge and help them feel refreshed for work. These investments go a long way in getting rid of the boring office look and also help staff feel valued and appreciated.