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What Makes The Right Roofing Systems For Steep Slope Roofing

What Makes The Right Roofing Systems For Steep Slope Roofing

There are several things to consider when it comes to choosing the right roofing system. Building a home is a huge investment. This means you will want to get it right in different aspects of the building process. Roofing is one of those important parts of the building.

A good roofing system is the one that balances the following options:

Asphalt shingles

There’s no doubt that asphalt shingles take an overwhelming share in the U.S. steep-slope roofing market. Even though asphalt shingles reinforced with organic felts have been in use for the longest time, fiberglass-reinforced products dominate today’s market.

Irrespective of their types of appearance or reinforcement, asphalts shingles differ sharply in terms of characteristics. There are five major types of shingle products name; wood shingles, tile, slate, metal, and synthetic roofing products. It is always advisable to choose shingle products that comply with the standards set by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).

Ventilation and insulation

One of the most important areas in a roofing system durability is proper ventilation. Without this, heat and moisture are likely to build up in the attic and mix. The combination between the above can cause sheathing to rot hence rendering insulation ineffective.

Consequently, it is important to prevent sources of roof ventilation such as ridge vents, louvers during winter. When the attic is properly well ventilated, it will assist in preventing structural damage resulting from moisture and reduced energy consumption.

Besides the free flow of air, insulation also plays an important role in proper attic ventilation. A good attic has the following elements:

• A gap-free layer of insulation within the attic floor.

• Enough vented spaces to allow air to flow in and out.

• A minimum of 1 inch between a roof sheathing and the insulation.

• A vapor retarder close to the ceiling to block moisture from rising into the attic.

 What Makes The Right Roofing Systems For Steep Slope Roofing

Even roofs

The performance of a roofing system is often affected by several factors. Understanding the following things will enable you to make the right choice:

• Sun – You should know that ultraviolent rays and heat easily wear out roofing materials.

• Snow and ice – melting snow most of the time refreeze at the overhang of the roof where it is cooler making it easy to form an ice dam. This leads to blockage of proper drainage into the gutter.

• Rain – when water drains into sakes, underneath shingles and other roofing material, it can easily find its way into the roof deck and lead to the rotting of the roof stricture in the long run.

• Wind – it is also important to understand that high and heavy winds can lift the edges of shingles and direct water and debris beneath them.

Flashing deterioration

Apparently, most roof leaks happen to be flashing leaks. This means that you should ensure your roof has proper tight flashings around chimneys, skylights, and vents. This will prevent water from entering your house and cause damage to the ceiling and walls.


The manufacturer you purchase the roofing materials from is also an important factor to consider. There are several accredited companies that sell high-quality roofing material in the country. It is up to you to shortlist a few of them and decide on one based on customer previous reviews.


All in all, you should also choose an experienced and licensed Dallas roofing company. You may have the best materials, but if you don’t have a good contractor you will start experiencing leaks within no time.

In general, a house is an expensive investment. That is why it is important to consider a lot of things when it comes to choosing the best roofing system.