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What Rolex Means to the Status Quo

What Rolex Means to the Status Quo | A Symbol of Success

As Rolex tops the charts of name brand luxury timepieces year after year, it has become apparent that there is a vivid psychological response to the designer. There is a level of name recognition, devotion, and desire that speaks to the potency of the brand. Whether accidental or through corporate marketing strategy, Rolex has become synonymous with power and success. 

 What Rolex Means to the Status Quo | A Symbol of Success

The Watch As A Symbol of Status

For centuries, the timepiece has been a symbol of status. In the 1700s, if someone was carrying a timekeeper on their person, they were either very rich or royalty. While some things may have changed from those days, many things have stayed the same.

Watches are much easier to get, but those watches that are worth collecting are still worth a king’s ransom. Rolex especially has built a name for itself on the robust reliability and design of its watches. More notably, in this celebrity-obsessed society, Rolex appears on innumerable wrists — from the young and wild to the old and respected. Few watch brands can say that they’re worn by the Queen of England and Miley Cyrus alike.

 What Rolex Means to the Status Quo | A Symbol of Success

What is the Status Quo

The present social structure of high society demands many things of those within it. From mansions and fancy cars to jet-setting adventures and exotic pets, all those from without crave and admire these symbols. Rolex has unquestionably joined in the collection of emblems that represent the rich and famous, making it a watch desired by everyone.

While the watch has made its presence immutable, that doesn’t mean they’re resting on their laurels in the development and design department. Rolex is indeed an innovator, although a markedly quiet one.

Rolex Patents and Designs

While most modern Rolex watches look much the same as their original counterparts, rarely a year goes by where Rolex doesn’t apply for several new patents that relate to the most minute aspects of watchmaking. They rarely announce new discoveries, but simply incorporate them into new watches to continue their legacy of excellence.

Rolex’s gold alloy is a particularly unique invention, as it is free of nickel and copper. Most gold watches are mixed with these metals to compensate for the precious metal’s softness and its susceptibility to knicks, dents, and scratches. They also use another specially developed metal, Oyster steel, that elevates the durability of the watch. In fact, all the metal options for Rolex watches are proprietary.

Rolex Forever

While opulence and prestige are definitely present in the Rolex brand, many other watches have similar traits. What truly makes Rolex stand out among the rest is its reliability and dependability. A constant companion through every aspect of your life, Rolex is there for everything from dinner parties to mountaineering. It’s a watchmaker to respect and a timepiece for the ages.