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What to Do If your iPhone Blackout Often?

What to Do If your iPhone Blackout Often?

If you are having issues with your iPhone, like it freezes or blackout on you, you better get it fixed promptly. Find a cell phone repair that comes to you to make the process easier.

Why My iPhone Freezes? Understanding this issue can help you avoid it in the future. Following, we are going to describe a few common reasons why your iPhonestuck on Apple logo!

Unstable iOS

It’s possible you are using an unstable version of iOS. A smartphone can malfunction in several ways, and an unstable kernel version can be the reason behind it. If your iPhone stuck on the loading screen, especially after you have updated your device, it’s possible you have installed an unstable update which is now hindering your device.

Hardware Issues

It might be possible there is a persisting hardware issue that forces your device to be stuck on the logo screen. In case your device has suffered from water damage or some hardware component is broken, it disrupted the functionality of your device leading to issues like these.


You might be a victim of a malware attack, and this is why your device is stuck on the loading screen. Malware and virus and mess with your device, its setting and the way it operates. You need to get it cleaned out if you want to restore its full functionality. If you don’t do it, the malware will keep bugging you. iOS utility like iSkysofttoolbox can help keep your device safe.

Boot Settings

It’s possible there might be an issue with your Boot Settings. These settings are interfering with your phone’s ability to function properly, and this is why you see the iPhone black screen.

 What to Do If your iPhone Blackout Often?

Fix the Issue

You can fix the issue by following these simple steps:

Restart the Device

Restarting your device is a simple and effective way to fix any error. Press and hold the power button until you see the slider. Dray, it to turn off the device. You need to hold the button until you see the Apple logo.

Try Recovery Mode

If the restart doesn’t work, you can restore the iPhone in recovery mode. Just remember you might lose your data and settings. If you still want to go ahead, follow these steps:

  • Open iTunes on Computer and Connect it with your iPhone using USB
  • Press and Hold the Home Button or Power Button on your iPhone for a few seconds. Connect the devices while you keep hold of the button
  • Let go of the volume button, and you will see the iTunes symbol on the screen
  • iTunes will detect the device in recovery mode. Just press “Ok” to restore your device and see if it fixes the issue or not

Restore from DFU

If the recovery mode didn’t help, then try the DFU Mode:

  • Connect the iPhone with a computer and launch iTunes
  • On iPhone, Press and Hold Sleep/Wake Button, hold it for 8 seconds
  • Release the shutdown button and see if iTunes has detected your device in recovery mode or not
  • Let go of the Home button and see if the device is turned on, if not then repeat the whole thing right from the start
  • Restore your iPhone in iTunes and everything will be fine