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What to Wear When You Work from Home

What to Wear When You Work from Home

Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Should you get dressed or roll out of bed into the closest clean shirt?  It can be tempting to switch out blouses and jeans for a new uniform of pyjamas, but getting ready for work in the morning can help set the tone for the day. 

Following a morning routine can help get your brain into ‘work mode’, so that you stay focussed all day… and slip out of the mindspace when your night clothes replace your work wardrobe. So, what exactly do you wear? Here’s a guide that you can take and tailor to fit your wardrobe – and your work! 

Wear clothes you can move in

Gone are the days of long commutes and jamming workouts into early mornings or at the end of long days. Keep your outfit practical so that you can get up and take a break to move between meetings and tasks. 

Basic gym tops are perfect for getting your stretch on while still looking perfectly put together. Feeling the need to get some sunshine? Take a stroll on your lunch in breathable and lightweight fabrics that won’t leave you feeling sweaty when you head back to your desk. 

Go for fabrics that are soft and comfortable

Relaxing your clothing doesn’t mean your style needs to go out the window. Soft fabrics like cotton or linen are great staples. Dress them up for Zoom meetings with a fitted cardigan or soft jacket if you’re feeling extra stylish – feel perfectly put together in linen shirts or basic cotton tees.

During the cooler months, soft cuddly knits are working from home essentials. Mix and match colours and styles and strike the perfect balance between comfort and style.  

 What to Wear When You Work from Home

Do bottoms really matter?

Your bottoms should be all about what you love to wear. Have you got a favourite pair of jeans that you can’t live without? Or do you prefer the stretchiness of leggings and track pants? Whatever your style, your bottoms should be about all-day comfort. 

Look for soft pants with added stretch that makes moving and sitting comfortable (thank you elastic waist). If jeans are your go-to, try a looser fit or wider leg for all-day comfort. 

Conquer your mood with colours

Fresh, vibrant hues will do more than brighten your Zoom box. A little colour can also boost your mood: 

  • Yellow is a known happiness bullet- especially on a rainy day
  • Blue can be the perfect calming choice on a stressful day
  • Orange can inspire feelings of positivity and energy – great for your lunchtime workout! 
  • Green can help soothe your nerves before a big presentation 

You can also brighten up a neutral outfit with a hair ribbon, a pair of earrings or even a scarf.

Play with Patterns

Break up the monotony of a monochromic wardrobe with playful tie dye patterns. Even if you’re not a fan, a cheeky cheetah print or frilly floral detail on an otherwise plain top can help you strike a balance between same-old-same-old and something new. Is it hot outside? Shock the office in a patterned dress or layer with a cardigan on cold days for a look that oozes timelessness. 

The bottom line when choosing your WFH outfit 

Piecing together your working from home wardrobe is all about what makes you feel good. If you love dressing up and looking smart, stick with it. If you prefer your comfy leggings and large linen shirts, go right ahead. You’re in control of your uniform!