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What You Need to Consider When Choosing a 3PL Software 

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3PL software, also known as third-party logistics software, is essential for any business. Read on to find out what your options are and the features you won’t want to compromise on.

What is 3PL Software?

3PL software is the technology used to automate shipment, fulfillment and logistics processes for businesses. It enables the management, organization and scheduling of all essential functions of supply chain and shipping operations.

There are three major types of 3PL software:

Standalone Warehouse Management Systems

This type of software is designed to organize warehouse functions, from inventory and transportation management to fulfillment operations such as picking and packing. This is an essential part of managing the supply chain, from the moment the product arrives at the warehouse right up to the point of shipping.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

This system offers an effective solution to transportation and distribution issues. It enables you to manage shipping and supply chain functions through automating all operations. For improved efficiency, it is possible to join an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) with a Warehouse Management System. ERP is highly useful for organizing daily business operations, including accounting, procuring goods and risk management.

Integrated Supply Chain Management Suites

The software, also referred to as SCM, oversees the complete process from procurement to shipping. This includes inventory management, picking and packing and accounting functions. SCM software ensures transparency of these operations, along with enabling clearer communication chains for greater efficiency and a smoother process for employees, shippers and customers.

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Important Considerations


A quick and efficient software is one of the most important features to consider when choosing a 3PL system. Tedious, slow software will impact logistics, have significant financial costs and waste not only the time of your employees, but also your customers. An inefficient system can be devastating to your business and may have just the opposite effect of what a 3PL software should have. A good service will transform your logistics and improve management across all aspects of the company – from internal communications to the delivery process.

User Experience 

It’s important that people of various technical know-hows can navigate the software as drivers and customers will also be using it. To reduce the chance of errors or miscommunication, making the system as simple and user-friendly as possible is necessary. A functioning logistics system requires all parties involved in your business to engage with your 3PL software.


Many new businesses struggle to predict the size and scale of their fleet. As such, you won’t want to get stuck in a contract that doesn’t grow with you. Detrack supports your company, whether you’re managing a one-vehicle fleet or a fleet of hundreds. Make sure the 3PL you choose allows room to move.


Expensive software can be a drain on business finances and may render some options inaccessible. That’s why it’s essential to find the right choice for your wallet without compromising on the essential elements of a 3PL software. We’ve compiled a few options on the market to help you make the right choice.

Best Options on the Market


ShipHero offers a quality 3PL software, known for its user-friendly dashboard that allows customers to access all inventory content from their internet browser. Their operations management system is easy to navigate and allows staff to view archived orders efficiently, making organization simple. Plus, you stand to benefit from automation of operations and streamlined communications too.


This software is suitable for all business sizes, making it a great option for growing businesses. It boasts an extensive range of platforms, including its Magaya Supply Chain and the Digital Freight Portal which are all cloud-based systems. Warehousing and shipping management are all covered with this software and Magaya allows for flexibility to cater to businesses with existing software systems, allowing for simple platform integration.


You can’t go past Detrack when considering a management software due to its affordability, ease of use and comprehensive features like tracking, real-time notifications, and route optimization.