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When Is the Right Time to Carry Out Window Replacement?

When Is the Right Time to Carry Out Window Replacement?

Finally, you have made up your mind that you will carry out window replacement. Congratulations! You have conducted your research on the style of the window to install, window replacement cost and the professional to do the work.

Now you want this home improvement project to start as soon as possible. However, what you may not be aware of is that not all the time is the best time to install replacement windows. So, that is what is remaining; to arrange the right time to have your replacement windows installed. Here are things you need to know about the appropriate time to carry out window replacement. Take a look.

1 Cold Weather Installation

The main stumbling block to window replacement during cold weather is high heating costs incurred during the replacements. However, there are ways you can opt to control this such as floor-to-ceiling plastic method. This minimizes the amount of cold air that enters your room. You can also choose to close most of the doors and windows to keep heat in your room.

There is a high probability of vinyl windows to contract under freezing weather and expand when it is hot. Therefore, you will need an expert to reduce the chances of the window cracking when the weather changes.

The main advantages why some people prefer cold weather window replacement is because of the low cost of labor, and material. This reduces window replacement cost. Because most people replace their windows during spring, this increases competition and the prices of windows hike, and that also affects their availability.

When Is the Right Time to Carry Out Window Replacement?

2 Warm Weather Installation

Doing window replacement in winter is going to be cheaper, but what about if you don’t like dealing with the cold? Many homeowners don’t like installing their windows in winter and opt for warm weather for various reasons.

  • Spring

Most homeowners like to replace their windows in the late spring when the weather is cool and not hot. During this time, the sun is bright and the days are usually longer. Since it is a hectic season, contractors are also very busy. As such, you need to schedule for your project early in advance.

  •  Summer

If you didn’t make it to replace your windows in spring, then wait for the summer. However, you may encounter some unexpected weather changes such as rainstorms. This can affect the expected completion of your project. Also, note that the sealant needs some time to get dry.

Another thing is the caulking. It doesn’t stick well in both cold and hot temperatures. You will also need to use your cooling systems to cool your room just the way it is needed to heat the room in winter.

Also, note that your home may not be comfortable to live until the work is complete. So, you may need to have an alternative place to spend a few days and nights with your family.