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Where to Buy Property for the Perfect Investment

Where to Buy Property for the Perfect Investment

When it comes to making an investment in real estate one of the most important questions is always location. The location of your property not only will dictate the return but also the buying price and opportunities to re-invest in the future. Property investment Liverpool has become one of the best spots and in this article, I will be telling you why and how you can take advantage of this investment opportunity.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Property Investment Liverpool

When considering property investment many people think they need to buy in London. The truth is, however, that property investment Liverpool is in demand. Let’s take a look at some important statistics to see how Liverpool stacks up against other cities:

  • Yields – Postcodes in L1 and L7 have an average of eight per cent yield
  • Demand – Offers four universities, twelve hospitals and medical centres making it a great place to rent or buy 
  • Capital Growth – Liverpool, unlike most places in the UK, has an annual growth rate of over four per cent and the rents are increasing at a three and a half per cent per annum

When considering all of the above you may notice that this makes Liverpool a great place to buy-to-let as well. With the influx of students as well as pensioners looking to downsize. This is considered a medium-to-long-term investment and an established property company such as Winova Properties can help you choose the right place. 

It’s also essential to hire a reliable estate agent for your property as they’ll help you with the pricing. With their experience and knowledge, they can easily find a trusted buyer or tenant to your property.

So, if you’re still looking for a good estate agent then start by typing “Estate Agents Portsmouth” in your browsers.

 Where to Buy Property for the Perfect Investment

2. Sourcing Your Property 

To choose the right property for investment it is best to consult with an established property company that specialised in sourcing the right property for your needs. When it comes to Liverpool, Winova Properties, is a great choice for a property sourcing company. 

You will want to choose a property based on unbiased advice that has your best interests at heart as the buyer and investor and not the seller. You will also need access to local letting agents and builders so you pay reasonable prices for all your property needs. 

Another often unforeseen cost appears with refurbishment. This usually has to be paid for out of pocket by you but Winova actually takes care of this as well. 

 Where to Buy Property for the Perfect Investment

3. Selling Property 

If you need to sell your property prior to buying new consider choosing a place that will pay cash. If you need to sell fast this is the best and most efficient option. Imagine no more waiting for the right buyer to come along and give you the price you want, instead, you can choose to sell directly to your property company. This is literally a three-step solution:

  1. Contact and provide info on your property 
  2. Schedule a time and date for a visit 
  3. Get detailed information to help you sell for the best price and timetable 

Take Away 

Whether you need to get your property sold fast or you wish to invest, choosing an expert property company will help you do it all with almost no effort on your part. Without any solicitors fees and a timeline that works for you, purchasing in Liverpool has never been easier.