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Which Is More Important: Content Or Design?

Which Is More Important: Content Or Design?

The ratio of design to content is incredibly important for website building. Every webmaster sooner or later wonders what is more important when creating a site: its design or content. What principles should be guided site creation?

The question of the importance of form and content is quite global. However, there are certain points in site building, which should be taken into account, both in the preparation of site design and content. What considerations can help the webmaster in this regard?

Content vs. Design

1. Thinking about the content when creating websites is very important – it is for this by and large to you come visitors. The design of the site should be constructed in such a way as to help the user find the most important content. If your site has a game for android, the design should primarily take into account the interests of players, because they are the target audience of your site.

Site design – is what contributes to the location of the visitor to the site after he found the information that he, in fact, the site has brought. Few people surf the net in search of a beautiful design. And even if such users are still there, they certainly do not constitute a significant mass of the total flow of people. Basically, the web resource is visited by those who are interested in its content, who are interested in the information that is placed on the site.

2. The site will certainly attract the visitor in the case when the content of the site will be prepared for a hundred percent. Design in this respect – a secondary matter.

You can not say that the design is not important. But its importance rises only when the user already knows what this site is filled with. The aim of web-master – to create a design that could allow you to dig deep into the content of the site, to force the user to return here more than once.

 Which Is More Important: Content Or Design?

3. if you are faced with a choice: where exactly to invest financially – invest in content. Moreover you may do it with the help of this source. The design can be taken from a range of templates, which offers CMS.

A good template is better than a low-quality but unique design. In a good template all the usability details that only attract users are already thought out. Remember, the simpler and clearer the design – the better.

The main colors on the page of the site should be as less bright as possible.

About the selection of color scheme site, there is a lot of information. The main emphasis should be placed on the fact that the design is as simple as possible perceived by the user, so it does not interfere with reading.

5. Do not lie to your users: do not tuck them upscale design with bad content at the same time. This will only discourage visitors. As a result, you spend a lot of time creating something that will in no way contribute to the promotion of the site and its popularity.

These five simple principles sound, in general, very simple. However, not every webmaster will be able to fulfill them. We strongly recommend that, before you start to create your own project, a little surf in the network in order to study the design and content of sites that are similar to yours on the subject. Analyzing what you see, you will understand what sites (with what design and with what content) are the most popular, and which are not.

And in conclusion, let me remind you that it is very important to constantly improvise, invent, understand and learn.