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White Attic in Lisbon by Diogo Passarinho and Duarte Caldas


Designed by two young Portuguese architects, Diogo Passarinho and Duarte Caldas first residential project, is a white space dedicated to young couple with two babies. Located in Lisbon´s city center, this two story space is conceived as a sleeping area and a workplace for the fashion blogger ‘More is Better‘.


White wooden steps appear at end of an internal existing corridor, leading up to the a new hermetic space. Along the staircase he wanted a storage and display area for his favorite skateboards, while once reaching the new level she asked for a space where she would feel comfortable running her online women accessorize business.


The new ceiling exposes the existing wooden beam structure and three new skylights bring daylight and views to Lisbon´s airport landing strips. Him being a flight attend, these new openings play a huge backdrop scenario where he is able to control his working schedule.


The client specifically requested that all surfaces would have to be white. This created the unique opportunity for architects to insert the only splash of mint green color in between the bathroom tiles. The bathroom also works as corridor where on both extremities you can find which one’s closets.

 4-white-attic-in-lisbon-by-diogo-passarinho-and-duarte-caldas 6-white-attic-in-lisbon-by-diogo-passarinho-and-duarte-caldas 7-white-attic-in-lisbon-by-diogo-passarinho-and-duarte-caldas 8-white-attic-in-lisbon-by-diogo-passarinho-and-duarte-caldas 9-white-attic-in-lisbon-by-diogo-passarinho-and-duarte-caldas 10-white-attic-in-lisbon-by-diogo-passarinho-and-duarte-caldas 11-white-attic-in-lisbon-by-diogo-passarinho-and-duarte-caldas

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