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Why Choose a Veranda for your Home?

Why Choose a Veranda for your Home?

A home is always your happy space. It should be cozy and peaceful. To make it that way, people spend thousands buying furniture, wallpapers, paint, and lights. But sometimes, you need something more significant than those to amplify the aesthetics of your home. We are talking about a verandah. 

Also called balcony and porch, verandahs immediately enhance your house’s look. But they aren’t just aesthetic fixtures. Verandahs also have plenty of other uses. Most modern homes have some form of a balcony. Regardless, you might think not getting a verandah will give you more living space. Should you, then, not get one for your home? You definitely should! But why? We answer that for you below.

Reasons why you need a verandah in your home

A source of entertainment

Are you wondering how a verandah can be a source of entertainment? With a patio, you have space outdoors as well as indoors. So, when you’re bored inside, you can just hang outside. You can even host outdoor parties. Having a veranda at home makes it so much fun. Many verandah design ideas have unique architecture suited for parties. 

If you are fond of hosting guests, install a barbeque or grill on your verandah. Make it comfortable for sitting and hanging out. A temporary outdoor bar is also a good idea. So the next time you think of ditching a verandah, think of all the cool parties you could host on it. 

A little time with Nature

Living in a city or a metropolitan region has its downside. You rarely get a taste of Nature. And when you do, it’s usually on a weekend trip to the countryside. But getting fresh air every once in a while is necessary. You can’t take trips now and then. But you can always head to your verandah to spend some time with Nature. 

Sometimes due to weather conditions, it might become difficult to step out. But with a verandah, you can forget the weather. To make your verandah greener, keep some hassle-free house plants on it. Also, install shade so that you can be there even on hot or rainy days.  

 Why Choose a Veranda for your Home?

Enhances the aesthetics of your home

A closed home with no outdoor space can look dull. A house always looks composed and complete when there is a verandah. It also gives you ample lighting every time you open the door or a window facing it. This lighting will also lend an illusion of space to your home. 

Several unique verandah design ideas make your home look stunning. You can choose a truly gorgeous verandah style that stands out. For traditional looks, opt for wooden installations. Glass and tiled ones work better for modernistic styles. 

A Veranda is a profitable Deal

In most markets, homes with verandahs are priced higher. Since verandas improve the aesthetics of your home, the value of the property increases. In some cases, they also add extra space. And space is always costly. 

Increasing the value of your home is never a bad idea. You might not be planning to sell it right now. But a higher-valued home is always an asset. If you are buying a new home, choose one with a large verandah. If you already have a home, see if you can extend the space by adding a porch. If you live in an apartment, don’t worry. Consult an architect to find out if knocking down the front wall to get a verandah is possible. 


Convinced enough to get your home a new verandah? Don’t wait for long. Consult an architect or verandah design experts to start fashioning one for your home right away. You can even research ideas on the internet. Just plan it on your own and take expert suggestions before finalizing anything. 

Have any cool verandah design options in mind? Comment them down below!