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Why Climate Control Is Essential For Commercial Spaces

Ceiling mounted cassette type air condition unit located inside commercial space

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Because of climate change, seasons with extreme heat and chilling temperatures are occurring more frequently. As such, the interior of your business premises may not always be comfortable unless you install effective climate control systems. Having these systems is no longer a matter of preference, but it’s more of a necessity. Below are five reasons why your commercial spaces need climate control systems:

1. Increases energy efficiency

Decreasing energy use in your commercial space saves money, which should be your objective with the current economic situation. You can do it by investing in a modern Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system to constantly replace the nasty indoor air with fresh air from the outside. Insist on energy efficiency if you’re looking for a reliable commercial HVAC in Tampa.

HVAC systems are usually rated with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), between 13 and 23. The higher the number, the higher the energy efficiency. Avoid any HVAC system rated 14.5 and below, as they’ll significantly increase your energy bills.

2. Improves productivity of your staff

An 8-hour daily working schedule requires maximum comfort. Otherwise, the staff will get distracted by discomfort for the better part of the day. For example, when the indoor temperatures are too high, workers tend to spend a lot of time outside to cool themselves. And if they choose to stay inside, they end up sweating too much.

On the other hand, when it’s too cold, workers may feel gloomy and not as active as they’re supposed to be. Instead, they focus their energy on how to keep themselves warm. The result is less productivity at work. Having a functional climate control system installed in your commercial space improves the thermal comfort in the interiors, thus boosting workers’ productivity.

3. Ensures customers are comfortable

Depending on the nature of your business, some customers may spend a significant amount of time within your business premises. It’s paramount to ensure their comfort so they stick around long enough to complete the business deal. If your interiors are stuffy or too hot, they may excuse themselves and leave before you get the chance to convince them to buy your products. Losing prospects this way will significantly hurt your profits in the long run.

4. Improves health

Buildings with no climate control rarely miss rodents, insects, mold, or fungi. These love environments with high or low temperatures, and are likely to multiply within a short period of time. The health impact is also just as significant. For instance, if mold manifests in a place, they constantly release allergens into the air. Breathing in mold spores can lead to allergies, asthma, upper respiratory infections, skin irritation, organ damage, and cancer. Working air conditioners and ventilators in your commercial space will also help keep such illnesses at bay.

 Square air-conditioning units on the roof with round fan grills

5. Increased item shelf life

Pretty much all items in storage require controlled levels of heat and humidity. The ones that benefit from climate control the most include furniture, electronics, paperwork, consumables, and medicinal supplies. Climate control ensures their longevity, so you won’t have to spend too often on replacing these items.

6. Increased security

Without proper climate control systems, you may be forced to open your doors and windows to allow fresh air to get in. This may expose your business to vandalism, especially if you stock physical products and operate in an area with high foot traffic. Opportunistic burglars may easily pick up things from a window or door that isn’t being watched. If you have a functional air conditioning system, you can close unused windows and doors without compromising the indoor air quality, thus maintaining security.

7. Tax breaks

Most state and local governments give tax breaks to businesses that take steps to install highly-efficient climate control systems on their premises. This, in turn, saves you tax money on top of lowering your energy bills, which translates to a significant decrease in your overheads.

8. High resale value

If you own the commercial space you run your business from, you may want to sell or rent your unit out to retailers. If your building is climate-controlled, you’ll quickly attract buyers, thus reducing the time it stays idle and in the market. Moreover, they’ll be more willing to pay a higher price because of the excellent air quality and temperature.

Ensuring Good Climate Control

For the best results, you should hire trustworthy companies who can advise you on selecting the best HVAC system for your business premises. As you know, the size of your room dictates the power of the HVAC system you need. A reliable company should also be able to offer after-sales services like installation and maintenance for the first few months.


Climate control plays an important role in the productivity of a business using a commercial space. This is why it should always be a top priority for both the property owner and the company renting out a place. Having a full understanding of this concept can be the difference between having optimal operations or losing out due to hampered productivity.