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Why Every Student Should Visit New York

Why Every Student Should Visit New York

While you are a student it’s your time to travel, explore the world and interact with different people before responsibilities kick in. New York is the city that should be in the must-go-to list. ‘Why?’ let’s explore.

Let’s find out!

Reasons to Visit New York while studying

Traveling is not only meant to help us relax but also to widen our horizons towards new experiences and cultures. To make your trip worthwhile, you need to have a plan on how to spend your time. You can use a lot of free trip advisory articles available online to arrange your travel schedule. But why of all destinations on your list, why should you visit New York? What attracts students there?

 Why Every Student Should Visit New York

1. The rich architectural history

New York has one of the oldest samples of architectural design dating back from the 18th century. If you are a student, the city gives you a chance to witness the development of architecture through time.

You can go to the library and read free papers about some old buildings in the city. The mixture of the old and new architecture is worthwhile and portrays the beauty like nothing else. It is definitely worth traveling.

2. Explore the history of the city

The Revolutionary war, the civil war, the Wall Street crash and the 9/11 terror attacks are the parts of NYC history. You can use this information in your papers at school. By the way, if you are a student, visiting https://newyorkessays.com/ you can learn more about essay writing and enjoy the free plagiarism check tool. New York helps you understand the history of America and generously gives you a lot to write about.

There are lots of topics that you can get for your thesis by investigating the rich history of the city. You can focus on architectural, political, or even terrorism history in your essay. However, you need to use a plagiarism checker tool to ensure your work is as original and authentic as New York itself.

3. “Mecca” of Baseball

Are you planning to travel during the months from April to October? Then you absolutely cannot miss the basketball show in New York!

One of the most fascinating experiences you can have in the United States is going to an MLB game. Whether it’s because you love baseball or because you want to enjoy the atmosphere that this sport brings to New York, it’s definitely something you have to experience during your trip.

The most famous baseball teams in New York are the Yankees, whose stadium is Yankee Stadium, and the Mets, whose stadium is Citi Field. As it could not be otherwise, they are rival teams and both compete in the MLB (Major League Baseball) which is held from the beginning of April until October. Although they compete in the same league (MLB), the Yankees play in the AL (American League) and the Mets in the NL (National League).

As usual for American sports, even for a baseball game played in New York, the price changes from challenge to challenge, as well as, of course, from the sector in which you want to buy tickets. Here your can find how buy baseball tickets in NYC.

 Why Every Student Should Visit New York

4. Thrilling museums and art galleries

Whether you are studying art or history, New York gives you a wholesome experience through exquisite and thrilling art galleries. These galas showcase work is done by famous artists from all over the globe as well as by upcoming painters.

The museums also explore the rich history of America, ranging from politics, architecture, music, and art. Here, you can get acquainted with the samples of work created by famous, talented people of the world and definitely with a piece of history that you never knew before. You also should experience different examples and genres of art, away from home.

5. Theater and live music performances

The city always comes alive with a lot of theater performances and live music concerts, festivals, etc. These are done by the best artists in the industry. You can enjoy the best shows on the Broadway stage or a live concert in the area.

Are you nocturnal? Almost every night has an event going on. This way, you have a lot of entertaining things to choose while in NYC. You can check for some of the best concerts in the city online to have a pool of attractive choices.


If these are not enough reasons to visit New York, then I don’t know what else can convince you to change your mind. Getting acquainted with this wonderful city and its diverse cultures represented here is an experience of a lifetime. It includes the experience ranging from the rich Italian culture and delicious cuisine to the Chinese culture and cuisine in China Town, the pearls of Manhattan and much more.

Plan to visit New York this coming holidays. It’s worthy of your time and money!