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Why Quality Followers Matter on Instagram

Why Quality Followers Matter on Instagram

In the race to obtain as many followers as possible on Instagram, many of the platform’s users seem to have forgotten that the quality of your followers is far more important and impactful to your page than the quantity. While having a lot of followers certainly has its advantages, it’s vital that you remember engagement as your most relevant metric of success. If you utilize Instagram right, you will obtain more followers and real Instagram likes.

You can have a million subscribers, but if only 10,000 of them are actually engaged with your content, the quality of either your page or the type of followers you have is lacking. Here’s why quality followers matter on Instagram and why you should focus on the quality instead of the quantity.

Better Interactions 

Did you know that interacting with your followers is a crucial component to a successful Instagram page? That’s right; if you’re not sharing information and discussing your content with your followers, you’re doing yourself and your page a disservice. Not only do high-quality followers offer valuable feedback on your content and your page as a whole, but they can also offer insight into some of the biggest problems you’re facing with the page itself. They’ll let you know when quality slips, when it’s superb, and when your content is having an impact.

Better interactions make for better content, it’s true; but it also helps show potential followers that you not only care about your craft but also about how it affects those that consume the content. You see, people want to feel like they belong. Building a community of people rather than a following is infinitely more valuable in the long-term. Communities stick together, where followers move onto the next best thing when they grow tired of your message.

This is especially true for businesses on Instagram. A business has double the stakes when they’re running an Instagram page, as their followers aren’t just there for the content; they’re also the customers who purchase the company’s products or service and keep the organization in business. As a business on Instagram, you absolutely must interact with your audience as often as you can, especially if there’s negative feedback or complaints.

You can have hundreds of positive comments on your content, but once you leave a few complaints unaddressed, your customers start to think you don’t actually care about their concerns, and that’s simply not good for business. Focus on your interactions with your followers/customers, and you’ll have a much more loyal customer base to work with.

More Opportunities 

High-quality followers are much more likely to share and suggest your content to others, thus increasing your reach and the opportunities you can have access to tenfold. If you’re looking to find a service to provide you with high-quality followers then it might be worthwhile researching into growth services similar to Growthoid and the likes. If you choose to purchase followers for a quick boost to your page, doing so can open up new opportunities for you; but only if you’re using a legitimate service to do so.

There are plenty of scam services out there, but ViralRace is the #1 place to buy Instagram followers because its users are real. Getting real followers means you’re buying high-quality followers instead of bot accounts that can not only put your account at risk but also scare off potential followers that stumble on your page.

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Bot accounts don’t offer any value other than boosting your follower count. As soon as Instagram performs one of its “purges”, however, you’ll find your count drop, and then you’re left with fewer followers and fewer interactions.

Don’t ever buy fake followers. It’s simply bad for your page, bad for business, and definitely not good for a business page’s success. You’ll scare off potential customers that way, and then your business’s Instagram account will develop a reputation for fake followers.

 Why Quality Followers Matter on Instagram

People Are Unique 

People that interact with your content in a genuine way offer a unique perspective and personality to your page. This diversity is what makes an Instagram page truly great. People from all walks of life come together to one page to enjoy the same content on a daily or weekly basis; that in itself is something to be proud of.

Diversity is the heart of humanity, and everyone is different in their own way. Celebrating these differences brings us closer together, and makes for a much more vibrant and socially-conscious community overall.

If you could have ten real followers or one hundred fake ones, which do you think would have a greater impact on your page as a whole? Let’s think about that for a second. Fake followers can’t…

  • Offer feedback
  • Share content
  • Inspire you
  • Inspire others
  • Help make social change
  • Help boost your confidence
  • Making posting feel worthwhile

Only real people can do these things for your page. Fake followers simply don’t add any value, and only serve to bog down your page and your content.

The Top Influencers Can Attest to the Value of High-Quality Followers

The top-grossing influencers on Instagram are where they’re at because of their followers and lots of hard work. Do you think anyone on the top got there by using fake accounts or followers to boost their numbers? They didn’t! They focused on organic growth via high-quality followers in the form of real and active users. If you’re planning on rising through the ranks and becoming an influential voice on Instagram, you’re not going to get there without building a tangible community first.

Set a rule for yourself to engage with your followers as much as you can in order to build that sense of trust and community among them. Your followers will see you as a leader or an authority in your niche and will trust you to provide them with high-quality content in exchange for their loyalty.

Loyalty simply can’t be bought; it’s a trait that comes with hard work and showing that you can offer value to other people’s lives. Loyalty matters to businesses as well, as a loyal customer is one that will continuously purchase and recommend your products.

Remember to keep quality in mind when it comes to your followers, and happy posting!