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Why Sewing Is Good For You

Why Sewing Is Good For You

Sewing: the art of using needle and thread to create priceless and timeless beautiful pieces of cloth. A craft that has been passed down through generations over thousands of years, it seems like it will accompany mankind for as long as man is attracted to beauty, which is forever.  Being skilled in sewing can help you make a living, save money, or just to gain pleasure if you enjoy sitting in quiet afternoons and work away on creating art on cloth. This blog will tell you why you need to start sewing. 

Relieves stress

In the fast-paced modern world, you hardly get time to take your eyes off the screen and just relax for a while. An interest in sewing is the perfect thing to have, with no noise, no pressure and nothing else to bother you, a few hours spent working with needle and thread on a piece of cloth and creating the designs your brain has come up with is an excellent way to drain out all the negative energy. The sheer pride and sense of achievement one gains after completing a craft are very healthy for the mind. The amazing health benefits of sewing can be interpreted from the fact that people are being treated by sewing therapy to overcome their stress and anxiety. 

Earn as well as save

There is no doubt that handmade artwork always has a hefty price tag. Apart from the money value of all the raw materials needed to create one embroidery or design, the cost of sheer skill is what makes up the bulk of the price of any sewing work. With this skill, you can start up your own business and sell your work. It can also help you save the money that you would otherwise pay to the tailor for major and minor tasks. From stitching up a button or hole with custom embroidery patches to tailoring a suit, you can do it all by yourself and add a juicy chunk to your savings account which was otherwise going to be spent on clothing.

 Why Sewing Is Good For You

Reduce your Environmental Impact

If you can sew, you can do wonders. You can make out useful shirts and trousers out of clothes that were fit for throwing in the bin; sewing can help you recycle cloth and make use of this valuable resource instead of throwing away in landfills where it could get burnt (releasing greenhouse gases) or just sit in the landfill for many many years. Clothes also sometimes end up in water bodies where they can very effectively block drainage pipes or endanger aquatic life. 

Other health benefits

Sewing gives you time to concentrate on something that is not written on a screen or a page. The effort made to carefully watch the threads and the path of the needle is a good workout for your eyes and improves hand-eye coordination. Sewing is a source of happiness for those who enjoy it, and happiness itself if the best remedy to any health problem.