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A Spark of Inspiration: Why You Should Be Getting Regular Electrical Safety Inspections

Owning a home is a big deal. If you’re lucky enough to own and occupy a home or even own investment properties then you should be counting your blessings. But with luck and homeownership comes great responsibility. You need to ensure that the house you live and love in is safe and sound for you and yours. And if you have tenants in an investment property then you need to ensure that the property is in a fit state to inhabit. There are lots you can do to ensure that your homes are liveable, but one thing that you should definitely shouldn’t skip as an electrical safety inspection. In this helpful article, we’ll explain why.

Why Are Inspections Needed?

Put simply, unsafe wiring kills. On average around 14-15 people are killed in Australia every year due to unsafe wiring, DIY electrical jobs and other electrical type accidents in their homes. On top of this, even more, are hospitalized with electrocution injuries.

To Prevent Fires

Did you know that unsafe, loose or damaged wiring is an immediate fire hazard? A mighty inferno can begin with the smallest spark, so any wiring in a state of disrepair bad enough to cause a spark can cause a fire. All it takes is a small spark to catch on some insulation or loose paper or other flammable substance and the next thing you know there’s an out of control house fire. Even if everyone escapes unscathed, the insurance and rebuild would be a massive headache. So, play it safe and engage a licensed and qualified electrician to come and inspect your home for safety.

If You’re Getting Ready to Sell

Selling a home is a mammoth task that can often result in a tidy profit for the seller. If you’re about to put your house on the market it may be a good idea to engage a sparky for a thorough electrical safety inspection. They’ll be able to provide a report if the property is in fine working order, which you can then present to prospective buyers along with contracts of sale and other paperwork. If it’s not, you can then repair it to ensure that the buyers don’t do their inspection and offer you well under your asking price due to the expensive nature of electrical repair work. Do the proper thing and guarantee your profits.

 A Spark of Inspiration: Why You Should Be Getting Regular Electrical Safety Inspections

If You Own an Older Property

Older properties, due to time and nothing else, can often require a bit more work to keep them livable. If your home is twenty years old, or older, there’s a chance that your wiring may not be operating at peak performance and could also have some emerging safety issues. So, if you own an older home or two you need to schedule regular electrical safety inspections to keep abreast of any emerging concerns.

After A Big Storm

Did you know that large scale thunderstorms, wind, rain and lightning damage can all cause extensive damage to your home, wiring included? If your home is damaged in a major storm event, include an electrical safety inspection along with your other repairs covered under your home insurance. Double-check your policy as well, because it may include a provision for electrical work.

A Sparking Conclusion

Frequent electrical safety inspections are essential in a few circumstances. They’re required to keep all people in the home safe. Unsafe wiring can cause catastrophic fire events which can be fatal and cause extensive damage to your property. If you’re getting ready to sell a home or if you own an older property it is wise to get this work done. And finally, if your home sustains any storm damage you need to schedule one ASAP.

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