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Why You Should Review Your Homeowners Insurance

Why You Should Review Your Homeowners Insurance

For most homeowners, home insurance is a big deal, especially when their home is their biggest financial investment. 

In case you didn’t know what insurance is, we’ll gladly explain: insurance is a contract that represents a policy in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or is reimbursed against losses. While an insurance policy is the document that contains the agreement made between a homeowner and an insurance company.

Now that you’re clear, here are nine solid reasons we created with the help of AA Insurance that why you should review your homeowner’s insurance every year before renewal:

1. Safety

During holidays, thieves also are aware that more people will travel out of their residence. If you decide to further secure your home before leaving, let your insurance company be aware; you just could be eligible for a discount.

2. Natural Disasters

Though scientists have been able to forecast some of the natural disasters, thereby helping us “manage” them as much as possible, we do know that not all-natural disasters can be predicted. Some come rushing in like an august visitor. 

If you live in an area that is prone to flood, you should check your government flood risk management site to know how much risk is obtainable and how you can buy insurance. Finding out what natural disasters occur in your new location will help you properly renew your insurance.

 Why You Should Review Your Homeowners Insurance

3. Pets

Pets can be our really cool friends. They are very loyal, exciting to play with, and their presence in our homes ushers in a happy, friendly atmosphere. These pets have their way around us! However, if your pet dog is a pit bull or wolf hybrid, you should find out what policy covers your home in case of a pet attack.

4. Inherited Jewelry

In the case of valuable items like your precious jewelry that was given to you by your grandma, you can decide to cover it under a separate person-article policy, to protect it against theft and unforeseen damages.

5. Engagements

Guess who is getting married? Well, we’re equally trying to guess as well, and if it is you, Congratulations. If you’re having the wedding at home, then you may need an event liability insurance, and when you move in with your spouse, you can add an extra liability insurance (because you’ll need to combine your personal belongings)

6. Home Rental

When taking a vacation, some online platforms offer home rental services that give you that “home away from home” feel. However, if you decide to rent your house seasonally, then it’s best to first consult with your home insurance company for coverage.

 Why You Should Review Your Homeowners Insurance

7. Home Renovations

The paint and building materials are wearing out, and you’re beginning to consider a renovation. If you will be using the service of contractors, ensure your liability coverage is robust enough to cover injuries.

8. Home Pool

As a homeowner, having a pool at home can be so cool, until a child is injured in your pool, maybe, while attending your son’s birthday party. Telling your insurance company about your pool will raise your premium, but in the long run, it’ll protect you in case of a lawsuit.

9. BBQs

If you know the crunchy, tasty feel of hamburgers and hotdogs, then you’re most likely familiar with what a grill looks like. Grill fires have caused severe damages in many homes, and if you aren’t covered, the outcome can really mess with your memory of hamburgers and hotdogs.